Financial update

Financial update for adoption:
Right now we have paid about $39,725.
The next big amount will be do when we receive our official referral for the boys and obviously accept it. This will be our international program fee and translation fee: $28,250 plus translation fee: $450
Our travel costs will be estimated at about $5,400 for our two week visit. Thus putting our total next expenses at $34,000. We will have $14,000 by the end of April and if we can raise new funds for our matching grant that would get us $10,000 more. We would then be short only $10,000. Our last fees we hope to be able to utilize the Abba Fund 0% loan for. Those costs will be somewhere between $8,000 and $10,000.
If anyone would like more information on helping us with our matching grant please send us an email asap as this opportunity will end and must be postmarked by May 1st. If you are interested, we will mail you a letter with the how to information.
Right now we have raised $1,600 toward the $5000 goal. Anything you give will be doubled until we reach $5000. This $5000 will then be matched by Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, giving us a grant total of $10,000!  After that we will still receive the funds, it will just not be doubled. These donations will be tax deductible. We did not want to bug people who have already generously given, but were told we should at least make it known in case someone wanted to give again.
We continue to feel humbled by the Lord’s allowing us to do this. We know the road will be hard, but we know He will help us all the way.
Praying you may know Him and the glorious joy in that knowing. He is worth it all.  Please pray for the salvation of our sons.  Please pray for the Lord’s provision in this adoption. 


The Schaffner family


Dossier Sent!

We just received news that our dossier is being sent to Haiti today! Hurrah! We are told it will be 6-8 months from today that we will receive our official referral for the boys. We are praying and ask you to join us in prayer for things to go quicker. We are specifically asking the Lord if we could travel our two week visit this summer. This would be so much easier in so many ways, especially re; Ron’s teaching load.
We have raised around $14,000 total and are applying for some grants and some matching grants. 
We continue to be humbled by the Lord’s goodness in all the details. 
Thinking upon the fact that we are orphan’s spiritually without the saving love of Jesus in our lives. Jesus said in John 14:18, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” I have thought about the fact that our boys do not even know yet how we already love them, how we have already been willing to give up all to be able to come get them….just as God had done for us in sending Jesus for us. He has paid the price for the sin of the whole world. He desperately loves us and wants us to be His children. 
Thank you each so much for your prayers, encouragement and help in this journey.
We are looking for single bunk beds and mattresses and if anyone has a wooden swing set in your backyard you do not want anymore, we will come take it down!
We will do our best to keep you posted with any new updates.
The Schaffner Family


We have made it through the first financial hurdle:
$975. To USCIS
$5750. To America World
$28,150. For first ½ of International fees
We have about $31,850 in fees plus travel expenses left to pay. We have raised $13,300. and refinanced to free up $20,000. We have about 8,000 towards that plus the Abba Fund will give us a 0% interest loan for the last trip travel fees. Our last big chunk will be due right after we travel for our first trip. We were hoping to be traveling in June, but now are at least hoping and asking the Lord for the first trip to be in the summer as it is 2 weeks long.
We have our fingerprint appointments for 2/27/2014 at 2 pm. We will have to pick up Luke from UT as he has to get fingerprinted as well. Then we wait for our I171-H to arrive which is our last piece of our dossier! Our family coordinator is sending our dossier without it for now, it should be done being translated soon. I know all of this information is probably boring to you all! Where are the pictures and names you say? We cannot share that information until we get our dossier sent and receive the official referral. We have now what is called a “soft referral.”
In the meantime I am applying for grants like crazy. Please pray that some of the grants would come through.
Specific things to pray:
1. First trip would be in the summer
2. Some grants would come through
3. Full provision of rest of costs
4. Salvation of the boys
5. We would be able to find time and brain power to learn French and/or Creole
6. In all things, Jesus name would be praised, lost would be found
7. We would entrust the timing of everything into the Lord’s hands

Thank you for being with us on this journey. It has been so encouraging as our church as been studying about the parts of the body…and how they all are important. I think of how I cannot sing or wouldn’t be able to pull off putting a bulletin together, but how the Lord has given Ron and I hearts for adoption. No one person is better for what they do in the body….it is their heart and motive that matters. As Luke recently posted on his Instagram is an excellent quote re; this by AW Tozer:

“It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular but why he does it.”