We are now just under $16,500 for our fundraising!  Thank you so much!

Yesterday we were sent an updated picture of our sons and information.

I wept.


How is it that we get to do this?

How is it that the Lord has allowed us to see this treasure?

I had four miscarriages.

Four sons.

He is faithful.

All power, All Honor, All Glory…are due His matchless name.




 What is about worry?  It is so subtle in its coming.  Perhaps it is a little like dust.  All the sudden there is just a pile of it!  It seems I awaken at night and am hit with worry.  Will this baby be OK?  How will I leave this baby to get our other baby?  What will the timing be?  Maybe I can take this baby with me?  Maybe we should delay the adoption until this baby is weaned?  Questions flood my mind.  I think Satan often attacks our mind at night.  We are sort of caught off guard.  We forget to have our armor on.  We listen to the voices and instantly begin to fear.  But, wait perfect love drives out fear!   But, wait, He has promised do not fear, I will never leave you nor forsake you!  And He has commanded us NOT to worry.  Do not worry about tomorrow, today has enough trouble of its own.  Wow, the Lord and I can handle today.  That is all that is needed, making it through today.  When the signs of worry start to crop up, we must realize that it is from Satan.  We are not trusting in the Lord if we are constantly worrying. 

Yesterday I was mopping the kitchen and thought in two days, wait one day…you won’t be able to tell I did this.  And then an analogy hit me…it was like the sin of worry…victory one day and then the next day…there again.  It takes constant redirection of my spirit back to the Lord.  And then there is such peace, such joy…to know that God is in control.  How one day I was feeling bad that our adopted son, if he didn’t arrive with a sibling, would be 5 years younger than Ally.  And before I knew what hit me, I was realizing I am pregnant and God has this all under control!  How I prayed for understanding for my longing for another child last spring and the Lord took him home and now two blessings?  How could I ever begin to worry?  How weak is my faith!  Where is my trust?  Thank you Lord for your undeserving love and limitless patience with our weaknesses.  Today is a day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!  And I will not worry…for He who owns the cattle on a thousand hills has got my back! 

Blessings to you today, Michelle