We just received word today that we got a matching grant from Lifesong for $3000!  Details coming soon.  This is a huge blessing and with this grant will put us right where we need to be to travel!  This grant can also help with travel costs, which is a blessing.  Thank you Lord!  Thank you for your prayers!



Words cannot adequately express our amazement of the outpouring of support we have received.  The donations, prayers and encouragement have blown us away!  We feel the support of family, friends, our community, and even strangers who are helping.  We humbly say thank you.  I am way behind in getting thank yous sent out.  Please know if you have given through America world we may not know it for a week or so.We were hoping the boys could know by Christmas…but our homestudy is waiting on our clearances.   And then please pray the Haitian government will accept our family at the orpanages request.

I hope it is ok if I share the encouragement I received from God’s word the past few days.  As we began signing the papers for refinancing our house to free up cash and lower our monthly payment I began to doubt….and then the Lord lead me to these passages of scripture:

Jesus Cleanses the Temple
47And He was teaching daily in the temple; but the chief priests and the scribes and the leading men among the people were trying to destroy Him, 48and they could not find anything that they might do, for all the people were hanging on to every word He said. Luke 19:47
So to begin with this was in my morning Bible reading.  I read and reread the last few words. They hung on every word!  The Greek word for “hung on every word” means they were very attentive to hear.  I thought, do I believe Him?  Do I really trust His words?  This should make all the difference in the world.  And later that day while rocking Ella, He showed me this passage in Psalm 72:4 “He will bring justice to the poor of the people; He will save the children of the needy, and break the yoke of the oppressor.”  
Every situation of adoption is a story of loss and sadness in the beginning.  But, He is doing the saving, not me, not us, not our family.  It is Him who works in us to do His good will and purpose.  In God’s plan He has provided a way for each of us to find true hope and joy, even in the midst of whatever pain we carry.  Jesus himself has adopted us as sons!  We are His children.
He has not left us as orphans, He has come to us.  I long to go to our boys, to comfort them, to give them a family, to give them hope.  The one True Hope, Jesus.
You, whether, through prayer, giving, or sharing kind words with us…are being part of God’s plan for redemption, for hope, for restoring the poor, for helping these boys have a home, a family and hope.
We cannot thank you enough.  Thanks for sharing this via facebook, newspapers, etc..We don’t currently know the balance at America World, hopefully by Monday.  But are blown away by the amount we have already raised so far via the You caring website.

Many Blessings to You this Christmas.

The Schaffner Family

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