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I am reading a book entitled, Adopted for Life, by Russell D. Moore.  If you have ever even considered adoption this book is for you.  This book was given to us by a young man who embodies the scripture in I Timothy 4:12 “  Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity”.  He is a college student but believes so much in adoption and supporting those who are adopting that he gave us the book along with a donation to our adoption.

Why I had never really considered the fact that Joseph was an adoptive father of Jesus I do not know.  But, Moore brings this out in his book.  Here is one paragraph of this amazing book:

“Joseph serves as a model to follow as we see what’s at stake in the issue of adoption. Joseph, after all, is an adoptive father.  In some ways, his situation is, of course, far different from that of any reader holding this book right now.  In other ways, though, Joseph’s mission belongs to all of us.  As Joseph images the father of the fatherless, he shows us how adoption is more than charity.  It’s spiritual warfare.” P. 59

It surely would have been so much easier for Joseph to forget this whole fatherhood thing, especially considering what others thought.  But, thankfully, he obeyed.

Please pray for us as we have a Skype grant interview on April 28th in the evening.   We also have an opportunity with Lifesong for a program called “Helping Hands.”  This is best explained by visiting this link and watching the short video:

We recently were told that the earliest we would go for our first trip is early fall.  The wait is hard, but apparently this is happening across the board with all Haiti adoptions, with all agencies and all states as they transition to a Hague adoptive country.  We continue to pray for miraculous intervention by the Lord that our sons can get home in record time….and for His glory.  Would you join us in prayer for this?   We continue to ask the Lord for our first two week trip to be this summer and that the boys would be home by Christmas.

We were advised it might be helpful to share what we have personally given, so that others realize we are not expecting this entire adoption be funded by others.  We have refinanced, used our tax return and put some on a 0% interest credit card to get the first payment made.  That was about $33,500. 

 We continue to be blessed in so many ways that we see the Lord providing and working.  May we share some of the many different ways the Lord has provided?

  1.   Tonight was one of my favorite donations.  After our devotions about caring for the orphan and widow…Joshua brought us $20.00 and said, “This is for the adoption.”  Our children have already sacrificed their allowances and report card money, so this was huge!  Thank you Joshua!
  2. One night several months back when Ron was waiting in line at Meijer he began talking with an older lady.  She brought up being thankful for our food and then she shared she had been to Haiti on a mission trip before.  Ron shared we had the privilege to go on mission trips to the DR and we were adopting from Haiti.  Then she asked if we were the family in the paper and Ron said yes.  When Ron went to pay for our groceries she insisted on paying, saying, “The Lord told me to do this.”
  3. Another woman said she was sharing this story with her hairdresser while getting her hair done.  When her hair was done her hairdresser said, don’t pay me give this to the family that is adopting.  (we don’t even know either of these people)
  4. Another lady we do know said her family collected donations at Christmas.
  5. My mom has been passing out fliers at her swim class and even her dentist helped in our matching grant.
  6. We have had several donations of clothes for the boys and for our girls.  These things help so much as well.
  7. There is a lady at church who gives us eggs each week.
  8. My wonderful husband is working so hard teaching an extra hour this year and possibly next year.
  9. So many of you have shared our story on facebook and with friends.
  10. Another gal gave us her fundraising donations from her pilates class.
  11. We had never (please don’t scold us) set up a will and custody officially, and this kind gentlemen did it for us at a very reduced rate, Thank you!
  12. We have been amazed by the number of former students who have given and encouraged us!
  13. Our ladies prayer team has been praying for us every time they meet.
  14. Our Pastors and staff pray for us every Tuesday
  15. Several people have written us several grant referral letters.
  16. More sweet stories next time!

Thank you all so much for your prayers as we wait.  This in some ways is the hardest part.  We know God always works in our lives through waiting though.  So, we will wait upon Him. 


“My soul waits for the Lord…”  Psalm 130:6



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