Immediate Need

We received this information today from America World:

A few orphanages have been put on our radar that have children that haven’t eaten in several days due to lack of food and money to buy food. America World (me really) is feeling called to create a sort of food pantry at the guesthouse so we are equipped to provide interim relief for these orphanages while they work on getting a solid support system in place. We want to have a fund readily available to purchase rice and beans and meat for orphanages in need – not really a pantry full of food to distribute.
All kids in Haiti regardless of whether or not they are adoptable deserve to have at least one meal (preferably 3) a day. Please look out for more information about this fund in the next week or so.
There is an immediate need – an orphanage full of kids that have not eaten in 4 days and a second orphanage that has similar struggles. We are still trying to lock down information. Aimee and Tim delivered some MANA to both orphanages to help fortify their diet but we feel the need to do more. We are cutting back on a few things at the guesthouse to meet this immediate need. If you are ready and willing to help immediately, please send me an email. All donations are tax deductible. – Thanks all!

If you would like to send 5 or 10 dollars to America World to help with this immediate need please follow these instructions for your tax deductible gift:

Please go to this link to donate:
Be sure to choose “General Donation” in the designed fund drop down menu. Additionally, please write in the notes section that the donation is for the Haiti Food Pantry Fund. Thank so much! 100% of your donation will go to buying food for the children.

And the Lord bless you.

New International Version
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.