Common Questions


There are two common questions we get regarding the adoption.  First, where will you put the boys?  We will be giving the “boys” all 6 of them our bedroom.  Our bedroom is the biggest; we will then take the bedroom that Luke and Josh are currently using.  We will put in three sets of bunk beds.  We are going to be doing a lot of pairing down, reorganizing and thinking how to use our space effectively.  While we could make the basement a bedroom, we would then have the cost of an egress window and would really miss that space for our family room.  I guess everything is relative.  We really feel like the verse in 1 Timothy 6:8 that says “But, if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”  We feel it a privilege to be able to be the parents of these four precious boys and feel at peace with using this home and the space we have.  Technically when we are all together, our van is shy one seat.  On these occasions we will drive both vans as our white van will be paid off in one year. 

The second most common question is when are they coming?  We are praying that they will be home by Christmas.  But, by the timelines for each step we are given it could be much longer.  Everything depends on how fast things go through the Haitian government.  As soon as we get fingerprinted on Thursday and our I-171H gets turned in to America World then we can have our complete dossier sent.  From that time we wait upon many steps that have to happen in the Haitian government.  Governments of any kind are not always known to be quick.  Please join us in specifically praying for the boys to be home AMAZINGLY FAST, in record time! 

We have raised about $14,030 so far including all 3 donation methods.  We are currently applying for many grants.  It seems like I keep saying this, but we have been so blessed by the giving of so many.  It is a humbling thing to have to raise money.  I was kind of wishing we had an Olympic downhill ski suit to sell to provide some extra funds for the adoption!

Lastly, honestly, for me (Michelle) personally, my heart aches.  It aches for the day to bring them home.  I am scared in many ways, yet feel the Lord’s peace.  We know this journey will be hard.  Probably the hardest hard we have ever had, yet we know that the journey Christ took for you and me, dying an excruciating death on the cross was hard too.  It was so hard in fact, that he asked the Father if there was any chance this cup could pass from him. Hardness doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something, it just means you won’t be able to do it without the power of God working through you and in you by the Holy Spirit. We don’t know how many days we are given on this earth, why not live them all for Him?  May He be glorified.  


The Schaffner Family, someday, all 13 of us!