Max’s Bake Sale


Thank you Max

One of the most amazing things that has happened through this adoption is the many wonderful stories that have resulted. One of them that is so very special is Max’s bake sale. Max is my friend Tahny’s 10 year old son. Max and his little brother Rudy had their cousins over last week during their spring break and they wanted to have a bake sale.Image

They decided that the cookies and other goodies wouldn’t be priced but people could give what they wanted by donation and only after they told them they are raising money for 4 brothers that are coming to America from Haiti! One lady gave $10 just for a rice krispie! She was so touched by what they were doing. Max wants to do this all summer for our family! Tahny said they raised $50 in two hours! Now if you know Tahny and have ever tasted her food, it is no surprise! She is a wonderful caterer. Here is Tahny’s Blog.  She made food for us after Ella Joy was born and it was delicious!

   How so very sweet that this young man thought of our sons and helping us on this journey and wants to have several more bake sales this summer to support our adoption! These are the things that the Lord is doing. Max, thank you so much.  And thank you to Rudy, Dean, Sophia and Joey for helping!  I know Jesus is smiling down on you, what amazing things He has planned for you as you follow Him! Thanks for thinking of these four precious boys…and helping  them to  someday soon get to come home to their forever family. I can’t wait for them to meet you!

P.S. Max is the one at the far right of the picture!  Rudy, his little brother is in the hat, his cousins are Joey, standing, Dean kneeling and Sophia who helped with this sale!  

   Blessings and Thank you!

The Schaffner Family