“Love is what we have to give, and love comes from places that are vulnerable and soft and tender enough to feel—to break.”

“Only those who are vulnerable enough to be broken get to be the ones who really love.  It can be that when you feel broken, it’s proof that you’ve given.  Is there anything greater than living heartbroken, wiped open and given? “ Ann Voskamp


Personally, I daily need reminders from great writers like Ann.  I need reminders that go against the grain of society’s values.  I need reminders of who Jesus spent time with:  the broken, the hurting, the ones nobody wanted.  Most likely following Jesus will be swimming upstream against the popular culture.  Most likely following Jesus will have a cost involved.  Somehow I need reminded that my value comes not from what the world values: look good, be good at things, outdo your neighbor, have a sweet house.  It is loving.  Just plain, simple, pure loving.  Especially loving those that don’t measure up in the world’s eyes.

“Sometime we want to possess lovely things because we don’t know what love is.”  Ann Voskamp

Why is it that we think something lovely will make everything better?  We think that a certain renovation to our home, a certain outfit, a certain new comforter, a new painting, a new phone, these will complete us.  But, then the newness wears off and we are left wanting the next new thing.  I walk into a store and see all of these cool things, but somehow remember it will wear off.  This quote from Ann Voskamp put it so absolutely amazingly:

“When you know love is about self-giving, then maybe the loveliest things are not about self-having.”

Giveness in love, means inevitable brokenness, which leads to our need of Jesus, which is the very best gift. I am sorry, but this is completely counter cultural.  Every single day we are bombarded with the messages of having more, doing more, more, more, more.  I have a new hobby:  getting rid of things.  It is absolutely freeing!  Try it!  🙂

And a profound question she poses in her book, The Way of Abundance,

“What do you want your one life to really be about?”  What you really want is what you most love, and what you love is what you’ll have for all eternity. “

When we began the process of adoption, we were often met with questions of the financial cost.  In refinancing our home to help pay for the first big fee, we felt complete peace.  Peace that did not have a price.  I know that many would have been so supportive had we decided instead of adopting to upgrade our home.  That would have been a wise investment;  in the world’s eyes.  Four boys now have a forever home.  Some days I don’t know how we made it through all the hard steps, but somehow He helped us make it through.  He will help us make it through each hard part of this journey.

“God does not call you to a convenient life; He calls you to an important life.  And a life of importance isn’t found in a life of convenience.” Ann Voskamp

Please know that the call of Jesus on your life is a radical one.  It will not feel comfortable.  It will not be easy or convenient, but it will be full of absolute purpose: purposes that line up with the very life of Jesus himself.  Read the gospels.  Read the words in red and read the words in green,  the things Jesus did.

Isaiah 58

“Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble.

Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.”


The foster child, the homeless, the refugee, the abused, the beaten down, the broken and busted in this world……they are Jesus.  Will you feed them?  Will you help them?  Or will your one life be about your storing up beautiful things?  Will your one life be about you, you and only your own.

The work we do is only for our love for Jesus in action, writes mother Teresa.  If we pray the work, if we do it to Jesus, if we do it for Jesus, if we do it with Jesus..that’s what make us content.”   Ann further comments, “That is what makes us content—the contented, deep joy is always in the touching of Christ—in whatever skin He comes to us in.”

“Living the broken way of abundance is not about what you love, it’s about who you love.  And Jesus is always who we love.”  Ann Voskamp


If God has put something on your heart, begin to pray and ask him how He wants  you to help.  Here is one statistic to pray about and perhaps He is calling you to help?

In Michigan, there are 13,000 children who need loving foster homes while the state works to reunite them safely with their parents or find adoptive homes.

Blessings in Christ,



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