Spring Break

In our most recent sermon at church we were reminded that as believers we have one response to the King of Kings when He asks us to do something:  “Yes, Your majesty.” It is with that admonition, that we continue to press on in the grace, mercy and strength of the Lord.  He has asked us to do a task that is not possible in our own human strength.  So we move from self-reliance to God reliance….which was another part of  the sermon from Sunday.  As I was reading Ella Bible stories today, Jonah, Daniel, Baby Moses, it struck me that each one had that same theme…..tasks only possible in God’s power and strength.  Even Mary carrying the Lord…….Jesus in her womb…..most likely not her idea of how her first step  of motherhood would be.   We must remove the veil of a selfish gospel.  It is not about our Kingdom come, it is about His kingdom come…..on earth as it is in heaven.  Praying that God would be glorified in our lives. Pictures from our spring break!


This may be the last post for a bit as we have a very busy season coming with 7 children in soccer on four different teams, Kaiti graduating and a busy season for Ron at school.  We are making progress each day.  Thank you for your prayers.

We had a great spring break with hope for the future, and hope is a very good thing.

Some of the highlights, not necessarily in order:

Celebrated Kaiti’s 18th birthday with dinner, dessert and movie

Rode bikes to park and flew kites and played soccer

Played in the Sprinkler and with slip n slide

Did pearler beads, colored Lego people, did lots of legos and puzzles

Went to Toledo for:  the Toledo Museum of Art which featured artist :  Kehinde Wiley:  who did artwork featuring people of color and went to Haiti as well.  Picture is of Robenson with artwork from Wiley’s trip to Haiti

Had Pizza hut with Luke

Went to Sky Zone and jumped and jumped and jumped!

Met up at Mom and Dad’ Redmans with the Lawry family so they could meet the boys

Josh and Anna taught the boys how to play Knock out, lots of backyard soccer

Anna helped mom stock up on groceries and we hit Starbucks

Got some Spring shopping done

Read books and slept in (well, the kids did)

Mr. Howe treated our whole family to a BIG screen movie in Adrian, Baby Boss, the boys first big theatre movie

Went to Library book sale and got to make cool bead bookmarks too!

Oh, and one trip to urgent care for Ella’s ear infection, followed by her vomiting her antibiotic.  🙂




4 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Cynthia Helen Pollet says:

    Thanks, again, for sharing, Michelle. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already forgotten the repeated “Yes, your Majesty.” By His Spirit we shall carry on. May you all experience a wondrous Holy Week!

  2. I love watching as God weaves your family together in a way that only He can in His strength! Thank you for sharing your heart and journey with us. It is so much easier to put on a smile and talk only about the good– which there has been plenty of – but it is in reading your honest experience that I see His full Good and Glory! The joy and the struggles is where He is, He is in it all!!! Praying this morning for the strength you need this week to balance the busy schedules and needs of yourself and your family as you all continue to adjust!

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