Boys start school on Monday!

While we thought I would homeschool longer, we have found great peace in the decision to have the boys begin school on Monday .  The dynamic of a sibling group poses different issues with language acquisition.  It is also a big load for me to maintain care of Ella, the laundry, meals and home, while still trying to prepare lessons for them.  Thankfully, they play really well, so that has been a real blessing. Robenson visited the middle school on Friday and with the aid of a nice 7th grader had a good day.  Apparently he impressed everyone in humble fashion with his soccer skills.  Samson, Jimmy, and Ricardo were able to meet their teachers and visit their classes yesterday as well.  They are all very excited to begin school. Please be praying for them to be able to learn English, make friends and behave well!

Some interesting lessons are learned each day.  I have been able to take the perspective from a book Abi gave me to read that talks of how we act like orphans with God instead of true sons.  So I see some of the things that our sons do and realize that while they are now adopted into our family, sometimes their actions still do not reflect that.  One issue with them is having a great difficulty admitting they are wrong about anything.  If they say something unkind to a sibling, to have to own up to that “sin” is really difficult for them.  In practicing forgiveness, to get them to actually say “Mwen Regretsa” which is “I am sorry” in Creole is no easy task.  But, the reward is great upon understanding how important telling the truth is, and how important it is to not deny our sin.  This becomes an interesting learning lesson for me with God.  Where am I reluctant to tell the truth with Him?  Where am I not willing to see my sin and not own up to it?  The grace of our Lord is abundant and free, he promises if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.  The hard part is owning up to our sin, and often not even seeing ours sins.  The most difficult being sins of omission:  the things we have not done that we should have done.  One day in particular after one of our sons was able to admit his wrong, and say he was sorry, the visible expression on his face was one of relief and peace.  Being a child of God, does not mean not making mistakes, but it does mean trusting in our sonship enough to know we can come to him with any failure or struggle, finding Him ready and willing to forgive us and empower us to have victory.  Furthermore, in this repentance is the true desire to not repeat that sin.

Please continue to pray for our entire family in the adjustments in our home.  Each child in the home needs prayer support for the various changes and dynamics that occur when children are added into a home.  Please pray for Ron and I to have wisdom and guidance in our parenting decisions.  Pray that we will find the right balance of love, discipline and care as we establish healthy boundaries and loving connections.  Pray we would love and exemplify the love of Christ in our actions on a daily basis where no one sees but Him, our audience of One.

Pray we will be graceful with ourselves in this journey.

Love and thanks,

Michelle and family


7 thoughts on “Boys start school on Monday!

  1. Don Fry says:

    It’s exciting that hear they have adjusted well enough that they are ready to start school. Congratulations for your courage and patience as a family!

  2. Ruby Mae Ostrander says:

    You two have taken on a HUGE endeavor. Praying for encouragement each day as you teach them the love of Jesus. Praying school will be a good experience for them and give you time to do the million things a Mom does!

  3. Russ Hiatt says:

    All children are different, bio or not. God and time is your biggest asset. Stay one with Ron. The boys are going to school and you are in the school of life. Remember God has this. You are blessed to be a part of the journey of Adoption. Some days I say WHY….. but His answer is WHY NOT!
    God is changing the World through you.
    It isn’t easy BUT it is worth it!

    • Russ, Thank you for your kind and helpful words coming from someone who has walked this path it means so much. Without Him we cannot do this, so in that humbling dependence that we have never felt so very weak and needy of His power like never before…..may He be glorified….as He is in your lives as well.

  4. Lynette Hooker says:

    Oh Michelle, what a heart warming report you wrote regarding the boys starting school — and the reflections on adoption with your situation — and with our Heavenly Father! I do keep praying for you on this “God appointed adventure.” I know God is being glorified! Hugs of love, Aunt Lynette

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