In Haiti

For those of you who do not follow Facebook, we have safely arrived in Haiti. So far things are going well. The boys’ luggage is still at the Haitian airport, we will pick it up on Saturday. Samson puked on my backpack on the three and half hour ride to the resort, and Robenson did shortly after we arrived. They are both doing better now. It is always amazing to me how the Lord provides small signs of his care, I bought swimsuits for the boys at the resort gift shop, they had four boy suits in the exact sizes we needed!  The boys are doing amazingly well. They are so close to one another. One day they are in an orphanage and the next, as Ron pointed out to me, they are given new swimshorts, a new last name, not unlike us as believers…..He has called us children of God, and we are now clothed in white, from no merit of our own. He has not left us as orphans. And God’s word says that the world will know we are His children by our love for one another, and I pray you can each feel deep in your heart and soul the amazing love, care and support we have felt from so many. People from many different churches, many different walks of life have and are helping in a variety of ways that bring me to deep groaning thankfulness.      Of all the hard parts of this journey, the hardest part is each time we are away from one set of the children. In 3 days, that part of the trial will be done. Tonight my little Ella, I look at the moon, knowing you may be too. Like the mama elephant in the story we read, I am missing you so much. I miss each if you, Luke, Abi, Kaiti, Josh, Anna, and Ally, it is just that I know you understand better.                                                    Praise God, so far Ron and I have been healthy.    We realize we are home bodies, ready to come home even though it us cold!  Praying for a good going away party for the boys, we will bake cake and make signs on Sunday. Please pray for safe and timely flights, and thanks mom for holding down our fort! And Luke, Abi, Kaiti and Josh too!


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