Christmas Letter 2016

May the blessing of His advent be yours this Christmas season!  May you find Jesus sufficient for your deepest needs in light of His mercy, grace and  coming for us!

I decided I better get off a Christmas letter before we leave for Haiti or it might not happen!  Many of you who follow us know that we have been in the process of adopting for 4 and ½ years and waiting for these four precious sons for three!  The day has finally arrived that we get to bring them home and what a glorious celebration it is!  This is truly the best gift for Christmas!

Luke is engaged to a wonderful young woman, Paige, and they are to be married on November 4, 2017.  He is currently completing his degree in Mechanical engineering at University of Toledo.  He is also doing some logo design business on the side.  Feel free to check it out at:

Abi is finishing up a discipleship course entitled sonship and is nannying for two precious families.  She loves her job, but is most likely going to attend Eastern Michigan in the fall.  She keeps busy helping with the youth at our church and helping tutor the inner city Detroit program as well.

Kaiti is a senior!  Wait, not another graduate!  She is most likely attending Eastern Michigan in the fall to study art and writing.  She had a large multimedia piece of artwork done of Ally that was in the top 18 in the state and is now traveling with the governor.  This encouraged her love of art and desire to pursue this gifting.  She plays soccer and is in NHS, along with being active in her small group at church.

Josh is in 8th grade and is playing basketball and will also do hoopsters.  He is most excited about his brothers soon being home!  He got to go with us this summer on a visit to meet them.  He does very well at school and is growing quickly!  Can’t believe he will be in high school next year!

Robenson is age 14.  He is an amazing big brother to his younger brothers and has a big sensitive heart.  We look forward to getting to know him better.  We do know he loves word searches and soccer!

Anna is in 5th grade and loves soccer.  She really likes school and does a great job of being a big sister, most of the time!  She likes to do cartwheels and flips on  our trampoline.  She also enjoys girls on the run.  Anna excels at school as well.

Samson is 10.  Samson has such a giving soul!  He often asks us if we get to go to church when in “Meeshagan”.  He also wants to know if we will have rice and beans!  He worked so hard to show Ron he could dribble a  basketball  when we visited last summer!  He was very impressed with Ron’s dribbling skills.

Jimmy is 9. Jimmy is always smiling!  He is very creative and a has a mischievous look in his eyes!   He always seemed to be making something when we were there, even finding little scraps at the soccer field and turning it into something.  Jimmy also LOVES legos!

Ally is in first grade and LOVING school!  She is becoming a great reader and loves her friends!  She tried a soccer camp in the summer and wants to play this spring as well.  She is taking after her big siblings in her love of art and drawing!  She got to make a Welcome Home sign at school for her brothers coming home!

Ricardo is seven like Ally!  They have birthdays within two weeks of each other! Ricardo is close to his big brothers. He really liked rough housing with Ron and loves GUM!  Just like all the boys, we look forward to getting to know him better and filling his sweet little life with love and care!

Ella is 3 now and is definitely a strong personality!  She is so sweet when she talks of her brothers coming home.  The other day she saw a picture of them from when we first got our referral and she said “mommy, why do they look so sad?”  She tries to keep up with everyone and is a little nervous about one more trip for mom and dad to Haiti, but she keeps saying, but this time the boys will come home with you!

Ron is teaching his fourth year of 7 hours with no prep.  He arises early each day to bring our family before the throne and I know he is the Spiritual Rock of our family.  Thank  you Lord, for this Godly husband and father.   He will be taking a break from coaching Josh’s hoopsters bball team this year in  light of the boys’ coming home.

I am so very grateful for the privilege and honor to be a mother to eleven.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have written this script for my life.  I surely feel that His grace and mercy are so amazing and I so need them every day.  It seems each day I find something new that I struggle with and am reminded of how very much I need Him.

As we embark on a new chapter of our lives I am reminded of this season, this time of year where we remember the gift God has given in sending His son, Jesus, to come to us, to be with us, to love us as we are and desire more and more to love others as they are.  It is not our holy talk or condemnation that will win others to Christ, it is loving others as they are, where they are and allowing the Spirit to allow them to feel that unconditional love.

We surely covet your prayers as we walk into unknown, but also walk in the Joy of obedience.

Blessings this Christmas,

The Schaffner family





6 thoughts on “Christmas Letter 2016

  1. Brenda Redman says:

    Precious Precious family your uncle John and I are praying for all of you. What a true Christmas blessing you are receiving with the addition of four new children into your already amazing family. We pray for safe travels to and from Haiti and once the boys are home what a celebration you will have!! They should have a ticker-tape parade for you when you arrive LOL. But truly bless you all we love you and God be with you

    • I updated it as I had forgot him the first time! It should have shown as I changed it within an hour? Not sure, maybe the ones that got sent to everyone’s emails linked to the not updated one! Silly me! Too much on my mind! 🙂

  2. Lynette Hooker says:

    What a beautiful Godly family! I pray for God’s continue blessings as your family grows. Praying for your safe travels — and good health. Hugs of love, Lynette

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