Preparing to Bring our sons home!


We are packing and getting everything ready for our children here in Michigan and bringing our sons in Haiti home.  It sure is a busy time of year with Christmas coming and all the changes coming our way.

We feel unbelievably blessed and thankful for God’s mercy and grace to allow the boys home by Christmas.  We could use your prayers for wisdom in this as we must evaluate what we normally do over the holiday season in light of their needs.

We are asking for prayer for our children at home while we travel to remain healthy and to get along amazingly well!  Pray for the older children: Luke, Abi, Kaiti and Josh as well as my mom who will be keeping the boat afloat here.

We will be leaving very early on December 14th to head to Haiti, thank you for Dean and Shannon Smith, who are willing to take us!  The orphanage directors like for families to get away from the orphanage for the children to have some time to bond with their parents away from their normal setting.  So, it looks like we may get to go to a resort in Haiti for two nights with them!  This will mean a special time for them of being at a beach, swimming and a gym to play in!  We will not know for sure until we are there, but we are packing their suits!  In light of this, please pray we can stay healthy. Ron has got very sick both times we have gone, I got sick twice the first trip.  It would be a HUGE blessing if we could stay healthy to care for the boys.

We are making it open if you would like to be there to welcome the boys to the USA when we land in Detroit.  Unfortunately all the flights from Haiti come in at 11:00 pm or later! So, we realize for most of you this makes it impossible with children.  But, if you would like you can meet us there, but please understand that we will not be having the boys hug anyone or show affection to anyone but their immediate family at this time.  We will likely all be tired and not be staying at the airport long.  We will try to keep facebook updated in cases of flight delays.

We are scheduled to arrive in Detroit at 11:23 pm on December 19th!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and amazing support.

Thanks to Erica Kranz, Jane Spence, and Cam Barber for setting up meals for the family at home and when we return to help in our transition home.

I don’t know how often I will be able to blog once the boys are home, but I will update when the Lord leads!


Michelle on behalf of all of us

A little something I wrote today:

The Gift of Children
The enemy of our souls is often something much simpler than we think. It is self-focus: a life that is constantly focused on self…is one that is not directed towards God.
Children become one of the first ways of reaching past ourselves and past our self preoccupation. Too much self-pre-occupation is a detriment to our spiritual lives. Even too much focus on how “spiritual’ we are. How amazing of God to gently guide us away from this self-love or even self-hate by loving others, blessings from His hands. How gently He leads us this way. For when a child is in need, and we focus on that need, we are then blessed with the loss of self. The enemy disguises himself as an angel of light, making us think that focusing on our spirituality and holiness is just fine. Or perhaps a distraction in general over emphasis on our looks, home, success in this world in any way. Maybe we are just supposed to be loving others as Jesus has commanded and the rest will work out for itself. And often finding the only way we have the strength to love this way is leaning hard on Him


12 thoughts on “Preparing to Bring our sons home!

  1. From a fellow AWAA family here in Minnesota– we are praying for you all and know that God’s timing is absolutely perfect! He will take care of all of your needs, including the health and well-being of those in the states and those in Haiti! So excited to watch it actually happen for a family we have been following! Prayers for you all…Jen Berge

  2. Ruby Mae Ostrander says:

    This is SO EXCITING! Happy for you and for the boys coming to America for a forever family!
    Praying for all to go WELL!

  3. Michelle, that last part was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever rea by you. Can I share that? And I might just be there at the airport 🙂 By the time you get through customs it ill be midnight!

  4. Kathi Sawyer says:

    Celebrating with you that your boys are finally coming home! Sending prayers for your health and safe travels to Haiti and home again. Also, praying for wisdom and grace as you transition to a new normal.

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