Trust Him


Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12
We have been waiting a while for the second half of that verse!
After a few hiccups and unexpected delays we received news of our travel dates!  We will be flying home with our sons on December 19th!  In time for Christmas!  We are so excited, beyond thankful, and the celebrating the One who deserves the praise:  Jesus!  After months of various trials, sicknesses, delays, car breakdowns, hopes up and hopes down, we are on the homestretch and can see the finish line! Well, at least for that part of the journey!
Thank you so much for your faithful prayers.  Please don’t stop praying for us and this journey!  We are only beginning the real work and we truly do covet your continued prayers for us.  Please pray for all the details for our flights and travel and the care of the children at home.  Pray for timely flights and good weather.  Pray for good health for all of us.  Pray for our family’s adjustment and that our new sons would just feel so safe and comfortable in our home.
With So Much Thanks to each of you and to our Precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
Love, The Schaffner family
Ready for this amazing group of blessings to meet,
this group of amazing blessings!photo-of-schaffner-kids-date-unknown

7 thoughts on “Trust Him

  1. Don Fry says:

    What wonderful news for you and the newest members of your family! As believers, we may not always know what the future holds for us, but we we always know who holds our future. God bless you all.

  2. marcia watson says:

    SO WONDERFUL !!!! PRAISE THE LORD for this exciting and challenging time for all of you I will be praying daily for the whole family …..LOVE and GOD BLESS Marcia Watson – Emily Gala;s mom

  3. I tried to read this out loud to my friend Lisa, but broke down in tears by sentence 3. So incredibly happy for you and cannot ever expect that there will be a better Christmas gift than this! Praise God!!! Much love to you all!

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