Next steps and Thanks

So, to clarify a few things for all of you!  We are now awaiting visa appointment dates for the boys.  We are praying and hoping to receive these today or tomorrow, please pray for that.  Then, our orphanage director acts on our behalf to pick these up and then will need a week or so to get the boys medicals done.  Once he knows when the visa appointment date is he can give us travel date options.  The I600 approval is when they take the form that we filed with the US government, the I600, and all the documents and paperwork and our dossiers and our sons dossiers and look over everything to make sure it is accurate.  This includes our birth certificates, their birth certificates, marriage certificate, our home study, information re; their cases and tons of other stuff.  So all of this was approved with an answer to our and your prayers WITH NO RFE’s!  RFE stands for a request for evidence.  This can delay the process as new information or documents need to be submitted.  This is a HUGE praise!

We are definitely excited and trying not to be anxious to hear of our visa appointments!

I wanted to share some things with you all.

First, we cannot express our thanks enough for all of your faithful prayers, support and kindness in this journey.  We have truly been humbled by the rich generosity of all of you.  Each way in which others have helped has affirmed God’s blessing and call.  While we know we have a lot of work ahead of us, it has been such an encouragement to feel the support of our friends, community and family.  I have found it interesting that the Lord has chosen this time in America to have us bring our sons home.  I believe that our community can be a shining example of support and love for others of how to welcome and love the stranger.  You guys have all already proved that.  I continue to pray that parents will have those talks with their children about those that are different than you.  One night, when we were talking to the children about how the boys may sometimes feel different or get called names when they start school, Anna perfectly explained why Jesus said we must become like little children.  She said, “mom, I don’t understand why someone would not like someone just because their skin is a different color.”

Second, I began re-reading a book from my Aunt Betty entitled “The Red Sea Rules: 10 God given strategies for difficult times.”  I highly recommend it.  I read the Red Sea rule #2 the night before we found out we had approval.


It hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized that I had lately been more concerned for my relief than His glory.  All along we have prayed that He would be glorified in this call, and I had lost sight of that.  I wasn’t and am still not sure how the delays and waiting bring Him more glory, but I had to confess my sin of losing sight of that prayer.

A quote by J. Hudson Taylor in this book says it well:

I know he tries me only to increase my faith, and that is all in love.  Well, if He is glorified, I am content.

Even Jesus foresaw his suffering and prayed in John 12:28-28 “Father glorify your name.”

Robert J. Morgan in this little book I mentioned above says, “God does not waste suffering. If He leads us to the impossible spots, He will deliver us in His own time, in His own way, and for His name’s sake.  Our job amid the difficulty is to learn our Lord’s simple but submissive prayer:  What shall I say? Save me from this hour? No, Father, Glorify your name.”

He closes with this as we think of the Israelites crossing the Red sea…….the Lord is in the business of delivering His people

…….in His own way

……in His own time

…..for His own glory.

Praying them home!


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