Thank you Lord…


In my haste to share our good news I am not sure that I really gave thanks to the Lord for His gracious love and answer to so many prayers for passports.  Thank you Lord for You have been so merciful and gracious to us.   I feel like I can finally look at their pictures with joy instead of mourning.  Just the day before Abi shared a song with me.

As I put the song on I slunk down to my kitchen floor in the corner and listened.  As tears streamed down my face, I gave it all to Him. I said I trust You and as the song said, “Your praise will always be on my lips.”  I was able emotionally to accept waiting until the spring for them to come home, if that was His will.  I know it is still not a guarantee that they will be home before then, but there definitely feels like there is hope.

I continue to struggle with all that is happening in Haiti.  No longer is that country a distant land.  Haiti is now in our hearts and part of our lives.  There is desperate need in Haiti right now. There is immediate need for relief and there is long term need for sustainable incomes.  Families that grew certain crops for a living, such as bananas, didn’t just lose this year’s crop, they lost the next five years crops.  Some areas can only be reached by plane, I know that the US military has made some drops of food.  The water is contaminated and the cases of Cholera go up daily.  There are many grassroots organizations, mostly Christian based, on the ground getting emergency food and water to these precious people.  It is in these days that there are some things I don’t understand and must leave in His hands.  This is one of those things.  Please remember to pray for Haiti.  I will be trying to post ways to help.

Psalm 34:1

I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.


A few places you can donate for immediate help and relief to the people of Haiti:



Indicate Haiti Hurricane relief.  Under the Tony Jones site put in the memo: Tony Jones Ministry.

Both of these organizations have been recommended to me by people that are either on the ground in Haiti or have been before.  Stay tuned for other ways to help.

As for our fundraising, we are funded for everything but airfare.  We are estimating anywhere from $3000-$4000. for that.  We needed to use the last $730  ish for a new home study.  Unfortunately, we can’t know for sure if they will be home by Jan. 4 and this is when our homestudy expires.  But, Lord willing this should be our last home study!  We have had more physicals the past 5 years than in our entire adult life! I think this next one is our fifth!  🙂

Many Blessings and  MANY thanks for your prayers.

Praying now for:  Quick USCIS process, no RFEs!

Love, The Schaffner’s


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