Pictures of Orphanage After

Here are some pictures of our sons’ orphanage after.  Thank you Lord for keeping them safe!  Other areas of Haiti have been hit devastatingly.  Death toll is close to 300 as of yesterday.  Please continue to pray for Haiti. Pray for the health workers to be able to keep Cholera under control.  Pray for the families grieving the loss of loved ones.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to work.

Make sure that if you are giving that you are giving to a grass roots organization.  Here is a link to those:

You can also give a donation to our orphanage if you would like to help them with repairs, and getting the children clean water and food.  That link is here:

And now we also need to be praying for the many loved ones in the US as Hurricane Matthew makes its way to America.




One thought on “Pictures of Orphanage After

  1. Ruby Mae Ostrander says:

    I continue to praise God that your boys are safe in the terribleness that has happened in Haiti. I know you are wishing you could just put your arms around them and hug them.

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