Pray for Haiti

img_0226Please be praying for Haiti today, tomorrow and in the coming weeks.  Hurricane Matthew is expected to hit the Southwestern tip of Haiti and dump a lot of rain on the rest of the country.  We are asking the Lord to be merciful to this poor country that has already been through so much hardship.  The affects of the flooding are of great concern.  Haiti is now in our heart as are the people there.  May the Lord be gracious to them and may this storm pass over.  And of course for protection of our sons:  Robenson, Samson, Jimmy and Ricardo.

Thanks for interceding.



4 thoughts on “Pray for Haiti

  1. Lynette Hooker says:

    Not looking good for Haiti!! I’m sure your heart must be very concerned for your boys …. I’m praying!! I’m asking God to protect your precious boys in HIS mighty amazing way! Love you!! Lynette

    • Thank you. It is so hard to watch a country that has been through so much be hit yet again with this. I am most concerned with the flooding, the food shortages and the possible cholera outbreak. Our sons are high in the mountains….but surely still praying all the time…begging the Lord for His mercy on Haiti….

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