Positive Movement

We debated whether to share the good news we received yesterday as it is not the news we were expecting, but great news nonetheless. We didn’t want to confuse everyone, but like the woman who found her lost coin, we are so happy and excited we decided to try to explain!  So, the US government has decided  to allow Haitian adoptions to move forward without their passports to the final step which is being submitted to USCIS.  What this means practically is that we can be doing two “waiting” times at once.  While we wait for Haitian passports, we can be doing the 1-4 month wait on the US side of things.  We will not be able to bring the boys’ home until we have their passports, of course.  So, our prayer is that we fly through USCIS, with no RFE’s and by the time we are done with that, that the passports are done.

We also have great news that we are able to receive the loan from the Abba Fund, which is a 0% loan for most of our end costs. Along with that, thank you to so many of you who have given AGAIN.  Thanks to one special family that shall remain nameless that has given $50. a month for our entire adoption process! 14247554_10154324617065907_1546105269_o

We are so thankful for how creative God is in hearing our hearts’ cry to get our sons’ home, that he even went around one obstacle!

Prayer Requests:

We get through USCIS with no RFE’s.

That Haitian passport booklets are issued before we are done with USCIS

Prepare our family’s hearts minds and bodies for all the change coming our way.

Many Blessings to Each of You,

Michelle and gang



2 thoughts on “Positive Movement

  1. ruby1942 says:

    Happy for every little bit of encouraging news you receive; this has been such a LONG haul for you and it’s not over yet. Those boys are going to be SO BLESSED to be part of your family and share in all the love you have for children. May God continue to meet needs and hurry the passports and etc.

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