Our Visit

Words cannot express our gratitude for each of you. Thank you for your prayers, donations, meals, and encouragement. This trip was very important to our sons, very important for Joshua, and of course, for us as well. Josh absolutely amazed us with his love and heart for his brothers and all the children at the orphanage. Of course the trip is bittersweet as we had to leave them again, but we feel great peace that God is working in this process. The boys felt closer to us and seemed more comfortable with us than in the first trip. We were able to communicate pretty well using Haitian Creole dictionaries and Google translate. They understand we are getting close to bringing them home. The oldest, Robenson, gave us the photo albums we have been sending telling us, “ale Michigan”, to Michigan. So, he understands that we are on the last leg of this marathon.( On our countdown calendar we are 6 months away.) We only had one delay each leg of the journey and travel went well. While Ron and Josh both lost one entire day due to sickness, I saw how the Lord used it as an opportunity for me to spend more time with our sons, as they are naturally more drawn to Ron and Josh. Some special moments were shared and some grieving work was begun. Their poor little souls have had much pain. Would you join me in prayer for the healing of that pain, and for restoration, for the Lord to bless and grant us wisdom in this healing process when they come home?

But I cannot end this blog with just that. We have been profoundly affected by the situation in Haiti. Seeing with our own eyes, hearing with our own ears and being present with the poor, the orphans, the broken and the needy is a gift. It is a gift to see that they are Jesus in disguise. We are covering a series at our church on the Stranger and hospitality. The stranger is not defined as someone you don’t know who you can then become acquainted with, but the stranger is someone whose way of life is so different than your own. They may be familiar to you and you might know their name, but their world may be very different from yours. Their poverty is strange to your wealth. Their imprisonment due to crime is strange to your freedom. Their brokenness is strange to your wholeness in Christ. Their persecution is strange to your acceptance by society. Their addiction is strange to my lack of addiction. Who are these strangers in our midst?  Quoting Bob Lynn, “Hospitality with strangers removed, is not Biblical. “ It is easy to love those who are our family, who look like us, who live like us, who understand us, unbelievers do this. The working definition of hospitality that this series is using is “extending to strangers a quality of kindness reserved for friends and family.” Who are the strangers in your midst?

I am personally trying to work through a sort of mourning and grieving for the pain that exists in this world.  We as Americans in some ways are fairly sheltered from the realities that exist but an island away.

Psalm 51:7

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God you will not despise.”IMG_4167


10 thoughts on “Our Visit

  1. Cynthia Pollet says:

    Thanks for sharing, Michelle! Glad your trip went well & amazed how you manage to recognize God’s hand in even trying times.
    God is working in Jeff’s and my hearts regarding being hospitable to strangers. It has struck us that we need to let go of fears and start completely trusting when considering treating those who seem sketchy; they are, after all zeros “the least of these.”
    Thank you for your example in fully trusting our good, good Father as you and your family continue this adoption journey.

  2. Oh Michelle- there is so much grieving in this process isn’t there? No one warns you how much or prepares you for it. It hits like a wave sometimes. Blessings to you all!

  3. Don Fry says:

    It is wonderful to hear about your trip and to know you are back home, safe and sound. May the next few months pass quickly for you and for the boys. You continue to provide me with inspiration and motivation. God bless you.

    • Yes, I have realized many are waiting in this world. We wait upon Him and find joy in His presence as we wait for His continued redemption in our broken world. Words cannot express our gratitude for your continued prayers for us as part of the family of God. It means more than you will know.

  4. Thank you for sharing! I am so thankful you got to see your boys again and stand with you in praying for their hearts and yours and you walk through all they have faced in their young lives. You are so right that we are sheltered from much of the struggle that happens in so much of the world. It is overwhelming to think of the realities so many live. Thank you for the reminder of who a “stranger” really is and our call to welcome and love them. So much love to you as you walk this journey He has placed you on!

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