Grateful for Each of You

So I have been thinking a lot lately of how the Lord has called us on this journey of adoption and am amazed at how He has lead.  Most of you know that when we began this process back in July of 2012, we were only qualified at that time to adopt from Ethiopia and were planning to adopt a baby.  By the way, if we were still adopting from Ethiopia we would still be waiting.  That process is super long too.  After God’s gift of our sweet Ella Joy, we started feeling like perhaps we should be open to siblings or maybe older children.  The Lord then opened the door  for us to adopt these four precious brothers from Haiti.  Many things have resulted as part of this process, but one that has stood out to me lately is how God has used so many people to help us in this call.  Had we adopted one child from Ethiopia we would have had plenty of time to save for most of the cost of that adoption.   But, with this one, especially since we at first thought it would go really fast, we had to pray and ask the Lord to provide.  I am so blown away by the support we have received from so many places and in so many ways.  Sometimes it is a note from someone telling you they are praying for you, an unexpected financial gift towards our adoption or trip, 2 new picnic tables dropped off in your driveway, cookies baked for us, books lovingly collected that have children and families of all races in them, people giving you their bonus check to help you go to Haiti, so very many prayers, a verse shared, a blog post liked, a bake sale held to raise funds for you, a friend doing a jewelry fundraiser, an Amazing Both Hands project, meals provided while we are on our bonding trip, family watching your children while you are gone and on and on and on.  Can I just say there are days when I am overwhelmed with each of you?  I am overwhelmed with the love and care and support you have shown our family?  I can’t wait to someday share with our sons all of the love that has been poured into their lives already by YOU!

For me, someone who is fairly independent and likes to do things on my own….I have been humbled.  Humbled by the fact that we have needed you.  We really have needed each of you in some way and I don’t want to neglect to say Thank you.  I know the above list doesn’t cover but a small spattering of the kindnesses we have received, but please know each one has meant so much.  And it is how God redeems.  It is how He redeems the pain and brokenness and hurt in the world, the punishment for sin that He has bore on the cross is displayed by His working in His people.  It is through us, His children, that others actually feel His love.

As we edge closer to bringing the boys home and the real work begins, I want to tell you now while I have a few moments how grateful we are.  We are expecting the first year to be a hard one, a lot of adjustments for our whole family and I don’t know how much I will be able to blog.  We will have to evaluate the boys for schooling, their health,  and their emotional states.  This of course does not include the language barrier and adjustment for our children as well.  We have to know going in that there will be issues.  And we know that intellectually, but the actual working of that out will be much different.  Those that have adopted or fostered will understand, but there are many struggles that are a result of broken care and love in a child’s life.  Just one example, is hoarding of food.  When your need for food is not consistently met, one might stockpile food in secret places.  This is a common practice even for a baby adopted quite young if they had times when they were very hungry.  So, we will continue to covet your prayers when the boys come home.

Common Questions:

  1. Where will they go to school?

At some point they will go to Clinton.  We will have them home with us for 6 weeks, and then possible homeschool for a while to bond.  Our first concern will be their emotional well being.  This must be a priority.  We most likely will have them do a beginning school entrance exam and see where they are academically.  We will look into some ESL help from the school, most likely French as they are learning French in school and their native tongue is Creole.

  1. Why does it take so long?

Honestly, we don’t completely understand it either.  There are lots of steps, lots of paperwork and lots of checks and balances, especially since Hague has entered the picture.

Lastly, please know that I am scared.  The whole adventure has been lead by the Lord and we take great assurance from the many Bible stories that have called God’s people to be courageous, daring and take a leap of faith.  I must take my fears to Him and leave them there.  It is out of our comfort zone.  But, for some reason, I feel that often what Christ calls us to is supposed to be that.

Love and Blessings,

Michelle and family



3 thoughts on “Grateful for Each of You

  1. Amy says:

    I have loved following your blog. My husband and I met our 2 sons for the first time in April. I can personally connect to your entire post…I’m so grateful for the people God has placed in our lives and so humbled by this experience. We are both school teachers so I am fearful for their entrance into public school…I am currently in the last class of my ESL endorsement and I still feel nervous about being able to help them adjust. I am praying for your family…God’s plan is perfect.

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