Prayer Requests


So, if you are someone that actually reads this blog, you are also someone who most likely will pray for us too!
Here are some things you can pray for:
1. We are boldly asking the Lord if He would do the impossible and allow our trip in July to be the time we bring the boys home. This really would be a miracle, but we are asking!  (The things which are impossible with man are possible with God!) If not we are praying and asking for Oct. 20th!
2. Pray for safe flights, good health (that we don’t get sick like the last trip)
3. For the Lord to work in Joshua’s heart as he sees and experiences a third world country and sees the beauty of the people of Haiti along with the brokenness and bonds with his brothers.
4. For our sons in Haiti:  Robenson, Samson, Jimmy and Ricardo:  *for them to feel loved and blessed by this trip and to further our bonding with them * for us to have wisdom and joy in our time with them.
5. For our children at home:  This is one of the hardest parts.  Please pray for my mom, Abi, Kaiti, Anna, Ally and Ella…as we are gone.  (Luke and Paige too! 🙂
6.  For God to be glorified!
This trip will only be 5 days in length.  The orphanage directors have to allow time/room and priority for those families that will be picking up their children or for their two week bonding visit.

Again, we thank you for  your prayers, this journey would not be possible without all of you!  Thank you so much!  Many Blessings from the Good Lord upon your life!

Love, Michelle and family


10 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Don Fry says:

    God bless you. I agree wholeheartedly in praying for getting the boys this summer. God expects us to act for miracles!

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