Myriad of Stuff and Ramblings…

Sometimes I neglect to blog due to time constraints.  Sometimes I am wishing I had more to share.  The past week was a challenging one, but the Lord has been faithful.  Last Wednesday was a rough day.  Ally had been running a high temperature since Friday and I decided to take her in before the holiday.  While collecting her urine sample I noticed what ends up being a hernia.  Abi, Ally and Ella and I visited Mott’s Children’s hospital at U of M today to have her examined and will set up her surgery tomorrow morning. It is a common minor surgery, but nonetheless as a mom you feel concern.  Funny how we are big Buckeyes, but I sure am thankful for the medical staff there at U of M.  They are the cream of the crop for sure.  Didn’t get any prescription for the fever, Dr. said to wait.  By Friday she was not well at all, so he called in an antibiotic and she was so much better within 24 hours.  Can you believe that is the first time she has been on antibiotic!  Upon my arrival home from the doctor I read the email that explained why we hadn’t exited IEBSR while several other families that traveled after us had.  Much to my dismay, they are conducting another interview.  Currently the unrest in Haiti is preventing this from happening.  I also was heavenly burdened with an acquaintance going through a hard miscarriage.  This also happened to me the last time a good friend had a miscarriage, I felt so burdened in prayer like I was going through one again.   I could see myself on my face before God right in the very spot I gave my Paul to the Lord, and told Him he could take him home.  I am not really sure how it works when we grieve for others, but it somehow felt that with both of these friends that were going through this, that I was somehow bearing some of the load.  I surely hope that is so, as I would not want anyone to have to go through that profound loss.  Then to top it all off, our dryer died just before I put Luke’s first load in.  Those of you with college students know that bringing home laundry is one benefit of coming home!  I love to do this for him when he comes home as he works so hard at his co-op and in his classes.  Ron has fixed our dryer many times before, but this time he was pretty sure it was done.   A lot of laundry is done in this family of 9, and even though I hang dry as much as I can, the life of our dryers…..isn’t too long!  But, I looked on Craig’s list, found a dryer in Saline for 100.  It was only 3 or 4 years old and the guy said he had just loaded it on his truck for storage, but where could we meet?  Long story short, his brother lived in Manchester and delivered it to our door.  He himself had 6 kids and knew how much we needed it!  Within two hours of our dryer dying, Luke’s first load was drying away.  I somehow needed that little sign.  In the midst of a long hard day, to see the Lord faithfully take care of such a small yet important detail in our lives.  And the dryer has a bigger capacity!

I am feeling much better about Ally, she is almost back to normal from her sickness and I realize that hernia surgery is minor.  I am trying to cast my burdens on him for our sons as we wait for them to come home.  I am trying to understand my friend’s loss of her little one.  I realize that sometimes I cannot understand.  I have to trust where I cannot make sense of some things.  I am reminded of what Mary and Joseph must have went through as many didn’t quite believe their “story.”  Yeah, right, a virgin birth, uh huh, sure.  So it is we are misunderstood sometimes and sometimes we just can’t clearly understand what God is doing.

Several people have asked us how we are doing financially.  Right now until we exit IEBSR we still have enough in our Lifesong account for the next payments.  We will be able to take donations to that account all the way until the boys are home.  We have  $585 left in our cash donations and about 3263.63 in our lifesong account.  We have a $1500 grant we can use, but it must be the last amount owed before they will pay it.  So, we currently are not raising funds, but will be when we get closer to bringing the boys home as we will have to pay for airfare.

We have jus t completed our fourth adoption physicals and are almost done with our fourth homestudy.  We will need to get fingerprinted for the 3rd time this summer. We just remind ourselves that these things are for them, however inconvenient they seem.

Currently our greatest joy in regards to the adoption is that we can now send them packages with traveling families and videos.  These families often send us pictures, and videos the boys made for us along with pictures they drew or colored.  This has helped a lot and is a lifeline we have to them right now.  I also have taken great joy in praying for them, knowing our God is faithful to care for them in amazing ways.  The family there right now is going to pray over them for us, and they also did this on their first visit, even when they didn’t know who was adopting them!

We are also thankful that Abi has arrived home safely from Honduras.  She is currently waiting to hear from a mission training program to see what her next steps are.

Prayer requests:

*Wisdom for Ron’s teaching schedule.  He has been teaching an extra hour for 3 years now.  This takes its toll on him and we need wisdom if he should do this again or not.

*Wisdom/finances if we could/should visit the boys this summer if the delays continue

*Ally’s hernia surgery

*wisdom for Abi’s next steps

*Continued longsuffering as our hearts ache for our sons

*For each of the boys to understand the love of Christ and for their salvation

*For my two friends who have recently had miscarriages.



Love you and thanks for your prayers and support.




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