Gum Wrappers

So, On my way to get groceries yesterday I was thinking of how the children at the orphanage, our sons included, tend to hoard things.  They will put all sorts of things in their pockets, under the pillows, in a dirty old Ziploc bag they found.   It could be gum or candy or bubbles, pens, crayons, pieces of anything they found.   But, it is interesting when I think of it from a perspective of my relationship with God.  Some of the children there are already pre-matched with a mom and a dad that are just waiting to come meet them, just like we were with our sons.  They are praying and asking God to work and move for the process to go forward….but the children don’t always know that.  They don’t know yet that they will not have to hoard, that one day they will have enough to eat, they will get enough hugs, they will feel safe, they will have a home, and they will be wanted.  I was thinking how sometimes I don’t always act like I am no longer an orphan.  I am not a spiritual orphan.  I have been bought with a price and am loved beyond my ability to comprehend.  I don’t have to grab onto the things of this world, to strive, to try to earn anything.  Jesus has already paid my debt.  I owe nothing.  I owe him my love, my obedience, my gratitude, myself….and with this I give with joy.  We hold too tightly these treasures on earth, which rust and moths will destroy and can be gone in an instant.  What are the things that will last forever and ever?  The treasures we store up in heaven.  So, like an orphan in an orphanage, do we hold the broken crayon in our pocket, because we do not know the heavenly father has the biggest array of colors to share with us one day?  Do we hold tightly to the half of piece of gum saved under our pillow, when He wants to give us such greater contentment than we could ever comprehend?

Friend,  today I give you not great theology, nor great wisdom, just simple plain hope:  Jesus is who you need.


3 thoughts on “Gum Wrappers

  1. Rod says:

    Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
    Look full in His wonderful face,
    And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
    In the light of His glory and grace.

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