Prayer Requests

Dear Friends,


The craziness of returning from Haiti, getting Abi off to Honduras and the kids off to school has surely kept us busy the past month. We have received several sweet videos from our sons from families that were visiting their children along with pictures.  It feels like soooo long ago that we were with them.  Some days I just can’t think about them after I have prayed for them, it is too hard to wonder how long until they are home. 

We continue to ask for your prayers for the next steps.  I thought it might help some of you who have asked what takes so long to see the actual next steps we have to go through until they are home.  We are praying they can be home by next summer, but lately have seen other cases taking longer.  Besides the fact that our sons are treated like 4 different adoptions in that they each have their own dossier and file.  This makes some aspects take longer. We are also praying the Haitian elections this fall will not slow things down. 

  If you could please be praying for:


*The salvation and health of our sons

*Their school would start (currently delayed due to elections)

*The processes to go quickly and smoothly

*Patience for us in the wait.


Once we exit IEBSR, which we have yet to do that we know of, we then have the following steps to go through:

  1. Parquet (1-2 months)

Once your dossier has been picked up from the IBESR, the lawyer will submit it to Parquet, also referred to as pre-court.

  1. Court System (1-2 months)

Once the District Attorney has approved your dossier in Parquet and it will be sent through the court system.  You will not have to travel to appear in court as your POA will allow the orphanage representative to act on your behalf.  Once this court process is complete, your child will have your last name and you will have an adoption decree.

  1. Attestation Signature (National Archives) (2  to 4 weeks)

During this stage the signature on the act of adoption from court will be legalized.

  1. Minister of Justice (2 weeks to 3 months)

This is a legalization process where all papers in your dossier are reviewed for completeness and all signatures are verified.

  1. MOI – Minister of Interior (3 weeks to 6 months)

During this process, ALL of your adoption paperwork will be reviewed, confirmed, evaluated and determined to be complete.  If items are missing or incorrect, your dossier will be sent back to the Minister of Justice for correction and sent back to MOI for verification. Once all your documents are complete, MOI will issue authorization for a passport to be printed.

  1.  Passport (2 weeks to 2 months)

At this stage, your child will be issued a Haitian passport.

  1. USCIS (currently stated at 6-10 weeks processing time) – Please note: wait times have recently increased in USCIS for I600 approval

Once your passport is printed, the lawyer will submit your paperwork to USCIS for I600 approval.  You will be notified by email when you have been granted I600 approval.  At that time your paperwork will be sent to the consulate at the US Embassy.

  1. VISA Appointment (1 day – 14 days from I600 approval notification)

The Embassy will determine whether a visa is ready to be issued for your child(ren).  You will be notified by email the date and time of your child’s visa appointment in Haiti. Families should not travel for their visa appointment due to the unexpected timeline for when visas will be ready.  We will send an AWAA or orphanage representative to your visa appointment on your behalf.

  1. Visa Pick-Up

At your child’s visa appointment, our representative will receive a date and time to come and pick up your child’s visa. This timeframe is usually 48– 72 hours after your child’s visa appointment.


  1. IBESR Travel Authorization (48-72 hours after visa printing)

You must obtain travel authorization from the IBESR after your child’s visa is printed in order to leave Haiti.  This will be applied for as soon as we receive notice of your child’s visa appointment so as soon as you have a visa, we can submit a copy to the IBESR and they will sign the travel authorization.

  1.  Trip #2 (3-7 days in length)(for us this will be one week per orphanage requirement.)

This is the moment you are all waiting for and it does happen!  You will travel to pick up your child.


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