Abi is off to Honduras tomorrow

So, how is it that you know something is right in your heart, but your mind struggles to agree? Tomorrow morning my little sunshine leaves for Honduras for 3 months. Abi will be living with a missionary family and their two young daughters. She will be helping them with their church and their new daycare. The daycare will be for single mothers trying to make ends meet and they will be charged a very small fee. So, I know that this is what her heart has been crying out for the past few years, but another empty bed in the Schaffner home is hard on all of us. In bigger families we all come to depend on one another. It is a big emotional toll when one bird leaves the nest. The dynamics of the family must adjust and while we know Abi is being obedient to the Lord, we still will miss her so much! I know now after sending Luke off to college, this step is hard. It is hard because for nearly 19 years I have been here at home, being my kid’s mom, and now it is time for the leaving. Praying for you my dear Abi, when I miss you I will pray for you. Knowing the people of Honduras will be blessed by your love for the Lord and how you walk in the Spirit. If you would like to get Abi’s updates, pm me or put your email address in the comments. Love you to the moon and backHaiti and Up North 2015 634


2 thoughts on “Abi is off to Honduras tomorrow

  1. Stephanie Carlton says:

    Each time I think of Abi and pray for her, I will also remember to pray for you guys (especially the mom, since it is harder when it is your daughter going out into the World)!! I am excited to hear how God works in and through Abi as she uses her gifts to minister to others. Much love, Stephanie

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