Haiti&Summer2015 555I guess I realize I probably can’t write in one blog post all that has transpired in the past few weeks.  So to begin with, thank you.  Thank you each for your prayers for us, for our sons and for our children at home.  Everything went very well.  Thank you to each of you who made meals, donated items, helped us financially, prayed, and have been part of this journey with us. It was very difficult being away from our children here in Michigan, but we are thankful to be with them again.  For now it feels we have two different lives and we long for the day when the two mesh.  In His time, he makes all things beautiful in His time.

Our boys are wonderful and the only bad part is that they could not come home with us this trip!  They each have their own distinct personality and are each special in their own way.  They are in a good orphanage surrounded by people who truly care about them.  They have an excellent private school they attend during the school year and we were very impressed with how smart they are.  They are very curious about their new home, family and state.  If you have ever watched “Kicking and Screaming” and remember the part where they say “pass it to the Italians”,  Clinton soccer fans may be saying one day, Pass it to the Haitians!   This is a favorite pastime at the orphanage, and they are pretty good!

The boys just adored Ron and were hungry for a male figure in their lives.  The second to the last day one of our sons fell asleep in my arms and they each told me they loved me. It was very sweet. They loved to receive candy and gum whenever we could manage that!  They really liked Legos, chase, soccer, drawing, writing, learning basketball, and just trying to talk to us.  They have each let us know what color bike they would like and were so excited we had a pool to swim in.  They are normal kids who just long to be part of a family.  We noticed certain things that we will need to work on once they are home.  Ron did great at learning Creole; I struggled as my second language brain kept popping up Spanish!  I am going to work on that though.

Ron was able to read them several Bible stories in Creole and we were able to share our story of God calling us to adopt them through our friend Rana, who was there with her husband Min when we were there.  Rana is a French teacher , Min is a kindergarden teacher in Canada.  So she was able to help us a lot as the boys are learning French in school.  Rana and Min were a great blessing to us to share the struggles of  being at the Creche.  They are adopting a boy, 18 months old.  Thanks Rana and Min for sharing your lives with us and also the toilet! ( a few of us ended up with some sickness while there)  Min was a great help too and invented a cool soccer game of knocking a can off from a block that the kids loved and them all rooting for each contestant.  It was so loud, the security guard came down to check out what was going on!

I personally was not prepared for the reality of what we saw in the country of Haiti or at the orphanage.  While this is a great orphanage and the kids are taken care of, they still need moms and dads.  It was  very hard to  hear the babies crying and crying out “mama” when you walked into the room.  At any one time you could just pick one up and hold him/her and they would calm down and not want you to put them down.  It has taken me a few days to try to process the brokenness of the world we live in while still trusting that Jesus has come to redeem that brokenness and to use us as part of His redemptive work.  We feel very thankful for the opportunity to shower our boys with love and family and the love of Christ.  Furthermore, we feel blessed to offer them a good education and opportunities.

The trip has only confirmed our call and we have been blessed with the peace that passeth understanding that this is His call for us.  It is our mission.  To raise up all eleven of these blessings from God for His glory in the name of Jesus Christ.

As I think of more details I will share them.  The best pictures we have we can’t share on social media as they show their precious faces and we cannot show them yet.

Blessings In Christ,

The Schaffner family


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks for sharing, I feel your hearts in your writing, especially about the male role model and the babies crying for a mother. Jesus saves.

  2. Rana says:

    Well written, Michelle. Your words speak right from the heart. It was really fun getting to know you and Ron! Minh and I have been going through our pictures, and there is so much to digest. Hope this process moves forward and we can both be home with our boys soon and have a reunion in North America!!! All our love, the Huynh’s

  3. ruby1942 says:

    PTL that this all went well and apparently without incident of lost luggage or sick children at either end of the line! God is certainly on this journey with you and I know there are many more exciting days ahead.

    • Yes, Ruby Mae and His timing was and is perfect. We just finished Abi’s open house and two days later we got the call! It was a great trip, but hard to see much of what we saw too. It will take a while to process, but the boys are amazing! Thanks for your faithful prayers. Love, Michelle

  4. I am thankful that you got to spend time with your boys. I can hear your heart through the words you wrote – this has taken you to your emotional limits in so many ways. Continued prayers for you and your entire family as you all wait for your two worlds to mesh!!! Thank you for sharing this journey with such love and honesty! It is incredible being able to watch Him work all things out…. for His Glory!!

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