Quick Packing Update

Well, we actually somehow managed to get most of the donations in!  We went from 8 checked bags down to 4, but were very creative!  We found out they would let us do laundry since there is an embargo, so we each reduced our clothing.  We used the compressor bags from Dollar general, thanks Larissa Tindall for that idea!  We found out they will let us stop at a grocery store to buy snacks for the children in the orphanage so we unpacked those.  We learned which things were priority and did some creative packing like unboxing the children’s medicines, putting those inside shoes, and we put lots of things in our carry-ons as well.  We will be professional packers by the time we are done!  There is about one bag of misc. that we will either send with Abi when she goes to Honduras in September or take with us when we pick up the boys!  So I guess the boys’ must know because in our update one of ours sons asks every day when we are  going to visit!  Oh my, this is getting  very real!

Pray we get through customs well.  You guys are awesome!  Thanks for all your support!  The body of Christ is not a building, it is the people.  You have been those people for us, thank you.

Ps.  they were in great need of diaper rash ointment.  My mom and dad’s church had a whole bunch collected and at first we weren’t taking all of it, but then yesterday afternoon got that message so we traded a few things out and crammed in all the ointment!  🙂


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