Thank you so much for your willingness to pay for our baggage costs and donate supplies.  So, the first class flights are sold out for our trip and our tickets are not able to be switched.  The costs of any other transportation of the baggage is not worth the contents.  We are going to pare down our luggage and clothing to take as many donations as possible. Our extra supplies will then be used for our next trip or possibly sent with Abi when she goes to Honduras.  While this is very frustrating, we are thankful to have found out before we were at the airport.  Our America World agent did not know about summer embargoes, so now all the other people traveling to Haiti can avoid this hassle. It has also been a reminder to us of WHY were are  going.  While it is such a blessing to take these extra things,but the reason we are going is to meet our sons.  This is worthy of Praise to our Lord and Savior of Jesus Christ!  Please know that we will make sure your donations get to Haiti or Honduras eventually!  Those of you who have given money towards baggage costs will be sent a private email or Facebook message to arrange for your refund.  Thanks for your prayers.  Please pray for us to have wisdom in which things are the most important for the orphanage and that the orphanage director would reply today so we can know.





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