Many Thanks

Discipline is the wholehearted yes to the call of God.  When I know myself called, summoned, addressed, taken possession of, known, acted upon, I have heard the Master. I put myself gladly, fully, and forever at His disposal, and to whatever He says my answer is yes.”

-Elisabeth Elliot

So as we are saying yes to this call God has put on our hearts to be the family for these four precious boys, we say “mesi”, which is thank you in Creole.  We can’t even begin to list the ways others have joined in this process, from Police letters, notarization, copies being made, donations of money, bags, supplies, cards, questions, references ,matching grant support, our Both Hands project, the Eleven campaign, and especially your prayers.  It is with great excitement and joy we take this next step in our adoption process.  The timing is undoubtedly God’s.  In retrospect, I do not know how we would have pulled this off had Ron been teaching right now.  For most of our kids to be home and not have crazy sports and homework schedules is also a huge blessing.  Not to mention we will get to be with our sons all day since they are out of school right now too.  We humbly see and realize that each of you has a part of this call with us, and thus we are called the body of Christ.  We need one another. Thank you so very much from the very bottom of our hearts.

As we prepare to journey here are some specific prayer requests.

Prayer Requests:

  1. For Abi and Kaiti, Grandma Redman, Grandma Schaffner, Aunt Julie, and Aunt Jenny:

For the care of the children to go well.  For the children to stay in good health, to get along, and especially for Ella to sleep for Abi and to do ok without nursing and not get constipated. (Sorry for the detail)

  1. For safe and timely travel for Ron and myself, for the bags to go through smoothly.
  2. For the boys to feel our love and the love of Christ and for us to bond well with them.
  3. For good health for Ron and myself and for the boys as well.
  4. For strength for all.
  5. For God to be Glorified.


The Schaffner Family


7 thoughts on “Many Thanks

  1. Candor Milligan says:

    We are so excited for you all. You are in God’s hand and he will take you to them and bring them to you. Prayers for your safe travels, a wonderful union for your boys and you and smooth sailing at home. So incredibly excited for you all!❤️Hugs!!

  2. Julie Jones says:

    So love this page that lets all know, how you are doing! Loving you all and praying everyday, that all goes well, for your wonderful family there and back home here in Clinton! What a Glorious day, when you get back here and join family members waiting for you all, so you will, ALL be as one!! PRAISE GOD FOR THE JOYOUS DAY TO COME, AMEN.

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