Needs for Trip

So many have asked about what they could do to help. So, for our family, we are still utilizing funds that have been raised from before and should be able to complete this trip without any more fundraising. Thank you so much to all of you!

For our family personally, the best help would be supplying meals. If you would like to supply a meal, please PM me as Erica Pittman Kranz is setting up some meals for the children and Grandmothers while we are gone

So, when we visit our sons we will be with all the other children in the orphanage as well. We are going to be needing to bring “supplies” for entertaining all of them. If you or your children would like to donate any of these items, that would be great. Also I am starting a list of other supplies the orphanage can use that you could also donate. These things do not have to be new. We are also allowing you to sponsor a bag. Our first bags are free, after that they cost and we would love to bring a lot of supplies to the orphanage. This is a great opportunity for you to allow your children to participate. They can part with some of their “stuff” or help you shop!

If you would like to sponsor a bag, please put it in the comments below.

We will then fill the bags with supplies for the orphanage and stuff to do with the kids at the orphanage. First two bags $40. each. Second two bags $150 each.

Needed for entertaining all the children: coloring books and crayons, 5 deflated soccer balls, small bubbles from dollar store ; balloons, gum, , go fish cards, other balls(deflated), old digital cameras for the kids to play with, small baby toys, matchbox cars, legos, stickers, temporary tattoos, mini boxes of raisins, m and m’s, trail mix.

Needs for orphanage: If used please make sure in good condition:
fleece sweaters (any size); crocs, black dress shoes, infant Motrin, Tylenol, baby bath wash, baby lotion, fingernail clippers, scissors, tape, hair elastics, barrettes, white ribbon, Vaseline, crib sheets, single sheets, baby wipes, diapers, diaper rash ointment, hand sanitizer, pens, pencils, computer printer paper.

Please feel free to comment below re; any of these. Ideally, we would like the donations completed by July 5th.
Anna wants to make loom bracelets for each child in the orphanage, so we are going to try to have a loom bracelet making party as well.

Thanks for you prayers and help in so many ways in this journey.
Blessings, Ron and Michelle


4 thoughts on “Needs for Trip

  1. Shannon Spence says:

    Hi Michelle – we can contribute $50.00 towards the baggage fee and will bring some toys/supplies for you to take as well. I can drop off these things anytime this week.

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