Travel Dates!

We will be traveling to meet our sons from July 21-August 4!  We can hardly believe it!  We found out though that we will not be able to take Ella. Originally when she was 4 months old and was soley nursing, they made an exception. But, now that she will be 2, they said no.  I am glad that all along I thought she could go though.  This is going to be very hard on me, she will probably be fine.  But, I do still nurse her, so prayers for Abi, Kaiti and the grandma’s who will be helping care for her.  To take her we risk having to re-do the whole 2 week trip if she were to get sick and I had to care for her.  In addition, the orphanage is in a remote location far from medical care, with lots of viruses and sicknesses she has not been exposed to, we feel peace re; this hard decision.  The boys will need our full attention during those short 2 weeks.  It will be about one year after our visit until they come home

Thanks for your prayers,

Ron and Michelle


2 thoughts on “Travel Dates!

  1. Sally & Russ says:

    We are so happy for all of you and pray all goes well.By Ella being home you will not have the concerns of her getting ill and the boys will know you are there for them at this time. After all they have been through it is good to concentrate on them.

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