Getting Closer

I have so many cool verses and thoughts the Lord has been sharing with me every day, every morning through His word and through various books and sermons and right now my mind is so foggy and my heart is so excited all I can come up with are the facts.  So here is the most recent update putting us closer to our referral:

Well, it is not the BIG praise we are waiting to hear but it is pretty good!
1.  Everything is now done after finding an error our sons’ files had to be sent back to the judge.  The error has since been fixed and now we are waiting for a referral.   There are some rumors that these will not be issued until June.
2.  The awesome thing would be if we got to travel this summer, we would get to spend all day with the boys instead of only 1-2 hours per weekday as they are out of school. (plus Ron would not have to prepare 2 weeks of lesson plans for 7 hours of classes!)
3.  The orphanage where the boys are is trying to raise money to hire an English teacher which would be a HUGE answer to prayer as we have prayed they would pick up English quickly.
4.  The class we have been taking has been preparing us a lot with kids from hard places.
I was reminded this week from a friend who has already traveled to meet her daughter, that at our orphanage, which is one of the best, the boys still only get two meals a day, which are meager in our standards.  Reminding the Lord as a persistent widow that we are ready when He is.
Please know that our first trip is a required socialization visit of 15 days.  We still will not be able to bring them home for a year or so after that.
Thanks for  praying with us.
In the Grace of Christ,

4 thoughts on “Getting Closer

  1. Praising God for a step in the right direction and continuing to pray for more steps forward! I look forward to the day we get to hear that you get to go see your sons and even more to the day we know when you get to bring them home!!! Hugs and love to you all!!!

  2. Don Fry says:

    That is wonderful news and certainly worthy of God’s praise! It would be special if you and Ron were able to go this summer. I will continue praying for all of you.

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