Adoption news: no referral yet

While I wish I could share we got our referral, I do have a blessing re; our adoption to share with you all.  I had figured out that November 26th would be a perfect date for a referral, had even prayed and shared this with the Lord!  So, then on November 26th, there were two referrals from our orphanage, but not ours. 😦 I was devasted in my spirit and have felt the enemy’s attacks in so much lately.  Ella has been sick and have had many sleepless nights the past week.  I cried out to the Lord and asked for a sign.  I am not even sure what kind of sign I wanted, but something to assure me of this adoption.  I confessed my sin of envy of the other families that received their referrals and went about my chores for the day.  About 10 minutes later I received the following private facebook message from a fellow adoptive family who had just returned from their two week visit with their daughter at our same orphanage.  Below are the two messages she sent me:
So after spending two weeks at the orphanage I know your boys and you are going to love them. Those boys are so sweet and kind and we just loved them, especially my husband. I’m praying your referral comes very soon so you can go meet them. I plan to throw up lots of pics in the facebook group so hopefully you can see some of them.  Thinking of you today!
God seems to know how to lift someone up when they need it most. Happens to me a lot and glad I could be a part of that for you. Just a few tidbits about your boys. From day one the oldest one made sure to find out our names and every day found us and says hi by name. He’s a fabulous oldest brother. He actually cried the day we left…my husband grew so close to him. The second oldest has such a kind heart. One day we got to go on a walk outside of the creche with all the kids which is a huge deal. It was long and exhausting and the second oldest came up to me and asked if I was tired. When I said yes he grabbed my hand and held it the rest of the way back to help me. And the third  is smart, so smart. And that boy colors so beautifully and meticulously, he and my husband buddied up the first day. The youngest we didn’t get to know as well, he’s more quiet than the other three. The director was so thankful to have found a family to keep all four brothers together and we are too. Taking on four older boys isn’t an easy task but these are good boys (granted they have the same struggles of every kid at the creche).  They have kind hearts and the older ones are so protective. Your whole family will be so blessed and we are thankful to know the family they are going home to!
I wept.  I praised the Lord.  It seemed just what we needed to assure us of this step of faith the Lord has called us to.  Thank you to so many of you who have prayed, given, helped with our Both Hands project, and asked us about them.  We did find out due to the new laws, it will sadly probably be a year from our first trip until they come home.  We will be able to write them though.  (she had written their names, but we aren’t allowed to share those yet, so I removed them) And thank you Kristin for this beautiful news for us!
Praying for a referral soon.  We were also told that due to it being four the paperwork is much more extensive.
Praising the Lord today.
Ron and Michelle and family

2 thoughts on “Adoption news: no referral yet

  1. sally and russ says:

    We continue praying. This breaks my heart so I know a small amount of what you feel. So many are praying and we know God is hearing these prayers. Is there anything we can do other then pray?

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