Praises!  Five referrals have been issued this week!  Movement has begun.

It has been hard to not be one of the ones referred, but there is definitely hope now.  I have lately been struck by how overwhelming this task is. My own sinful self fights fear and doubt and the inability to comprehend HOW we can do this.  Brokenness, pain, hurt, loss, are to be somehow changed to healing, comfort, hope and joy?  Only in Christ are we redeemed from our sinful selves, only in Christ can pain be restored to hope.  He is the only way.  Only by His Spirit can we have victory.  Today as I was reading Ally her Bible story, I shouted as the words were so powerful!  The story was about Moses and the Red Sea.  The first line says “Moses and God’s people escaped out of Egypt and into the wilderness.  They didn’t know the way—but God knew the way and He would show them. “This is how I have felt.  Lord, you have asked us to do this, I am sure….but how?  God promised them that He would look after them and that He was with them.  Many times the people complained and wanted to go back to slavery, for at least there they had food!  How many times do I want to curl up and go back to comfort instead of obedience?  And then, the picture comes in my mind again, four boys peering in my front window, I know if they were that close I would know the Lord will tell me to welcome them in!  So, as Moses led the people out of Egypt they came to a big sea, impassable.  Then, the Pharaoh changed his mind and was after them again!  The people cried out to Moses, “There is no way out!”  Moses said, “God will make a way!”  And boy did God make a way!  He parted the Red Sea and they walked across on dry land!  He speaks, we listen, we obey, we trust, He is making a way!

Please pray for the timing of our referral.  God knows the best time. Especially pray for the best time for Ron to be gone from his teaching job.  Pray specifically for me as I am reminded of the reality of leaving our children here to see our children in Haiti.  Pray for the timing to work out best for both sets of needs.  Pray for those that will be caring for our children while we are away. Please pray for our sons in Haiti.  Pray the details would work out soon for our meeting. Pray for strength for us for many details as the possible referral date comes.

Blessings and Love,



3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Rod Owen says:

    There are many different forms of marathons in life. Your faith is your fuel to continue to make constant forward progress. The finish line is in sight and the reward is beyond description.

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