Haiti has been issuing referrals for certain special cases! We are asking for prayer that our referral would come soon.  Today, I read Jesus instructions to his disciples on prayer. Following the Lord’s prayer is the story told by Jesus of the friend going to his friend at midnight asking for 3 loaves of bread and Jesus said that he will not get up and give him bread because he is his friend, but because of his persistence he will give him as much as he needs.  Will you join us in prayer that our case would float to the top of the pile and the Lord would hear all of our persistent requests for a referral soon

On the financial front we are very close to having everything we need for this second trip.  We have raised  $7,366.94. from the both hands project along with the $3,000 from the matching grant giving us $6000. More.  We have $33,328.92 and will need $36,000. Due to one fee increase and paying for the boy’s schooling for the fall.  Isn’t that amazing!  Thank you to all of you for your prayers, donations and help in so many ways.  From a financial front, we are ready, we can go.

Once we are issued a referral, it takes about two weeks to be ready to travel as we have to wait for approval from the IEBSR.  We then travel for two weeks and will be staying at the orphanage and in the orphanage guest house while there. Our access to internet will be limited. When we return home we can share photos etc.  It then is supposed to take 6-8 months until we can bring them home.

Prayer is coveted.


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