Both Hands Project Amazing!

God opposed the proud but gives grace to the humble.  This whole project has been humbling.  To see the number of people that have been willing to work, to send support, to pray, to donate has been overwhelming.  Here is a short video that we had to do to send in to Both Hands in their format.  But, we hope to put together a more personal video this week as well.  So far the Both Hands project has raised $5,200. 

A special thank you to Tamara, Parker and Emma Ball for allowing us to do this.  And to our AMAZING team of workers, young to old.  Somehow, theology, schooling, beliefs about creation, translations and all of these things melted away as we just loved and worked for the name of Jesus.

Thank you to the Lord for guiding us in doing this project to begin with.  Thank you Lord for providing strength and guidance and great weather!  Be Glorified!

Thank you, The Schaffners








One thought on “Both Hands Project Amazing!

  1. ruby1942 says:

    How we would loved to have been there! It’s so exciting to see God working and we are EAGER to meet your 4 new sons. Ruby Mae​

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