We have made it through the first financial hurdle:
$975. To USCIS
$5750. To America World
$28,150. For first ½ of International fees
We have about $31,850 in fees plus travel expenses left to pay. We have raised $13,300. and refinanced to free up $20,000. We have about 8,000 towards that plus the Abba Fund will give us a 0% interest loan for the last trip travel fees. Our last big chunk will be due right after we travel for our first trip. We were hoping to be traveling in June, but now are at least hoping and asking the Lord for the first trip to be in the summer as it is 2 weeks long.
We have our fingerprint appointments for 2/27/2014 at 2 pm. We will have to pick up Luke from UT as he has to get fingerprinted as well. Then we wait for our I171-H to arrive which is our last piece of our dossier! Our family coordinator is sending our dossier without it for now, it should be done being translated soon. I know all of this information is probably boring to you all! Where are the pictures and names you say? We cannot share that information until we get our dossier sent and receive the official referral. We have now what is called a “soft referral.”
In the meantime I am applying for grants like crazy. Please pray that some of the grants would come through.
Specific things to pray:
1. First trip would be in the summer
2. Some grants would come through
3. Full provision of rest of costs
4. Salvation of the boys
5. We would be able to find time and brain power to learn French and/or Creole
6. In all things, Jesus name would be praised, lost would be found
7. We would entrust the timing of everything into the Lord’s hands

Thank you for being with us on this journey. It has been so encouraging as our church as been studying about the parts of the body…and how they all are important. I think of how I cannot sing or wouldn’t be able to pull off putting a bulletin together, but how the Lord has given Ron and I hearts for adoption. No one person is better for what they do in the body….it is their heart and motive that matters. As Luke recently posted on his Instagram is an excellent quote re; this by AW Tozer:

“It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular but why he does it.”


5 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Brandon Faust says:

    Praise God! So thankful for the testimony he is giving you guys and praising Him for the obedience of your family to pursue his will!

  2. Melissa Loftis says:

    I love it! Sounds like things are going well. French! I love that. I have an amazing 3rd grade student in my class that speaks, reads, and write French he has dreams of being a dentist and preacher. I gave them an assignment the other day and ask them to give me three words that describe themselves and he wrote: 1. Christian! 2. Leader 3. Follower I cried of course! I am sure he would be so excited to have someone to write to- you will have to let me know! We will be praying for all of this and more!

    • Melissa,
      Thank you! Sure we would love to try to write him. We are trying to get a hold of a Rosetta Stone in French….but we can at least try! Thanks for the prayers! BLessings,

  3. Good to hear all the great news! I know of a few people that might be able to help you out with learning french in your area. If I lived closer i would pour into you all my knowledge of French. I really wish I could just take the trip with you! Bisous mes amies!

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