Updates on Adoption

We thank you for your prayers and support.  We sent out our dossier on Wednesday and on Monday we sent out our I-600 to the USCIS.  One of the things we struggled with when we first were praying about these boys was that we would be giving up adopting a baby from Ethiopia.  Now, sadly, Ethiopia may be closing to adoption.  In addition, Haiti is in the process of becoming a “Hague approved” adoption country.  This is good overall for adoption as it has many more checks and balances that benefit everyone involved.  The only downside is that it has the potential to slow adoptions down.  But, right now the USCIS (Department of Homeland security) is taking I-600’s until March 31, 2014.  They have already received ours.   To us, this timing is not coincidence, it is the hand of God and His plans unfolding.   We are hoping this means we may be traveling by June for our two week visit.  Please pray to this end.  I need to do some adding up to see where our total fundraising is and will post that soon.  Can you believe we received an eleven dollar donation from Findland! 

Blessings, The Schaffner Family


4 thoughts on “Updates on Adoption

  1. Michelle–when we have traveled to Haiti and hosted Haitians in our home I used the Pimsler CD’s to learn Creole. They have an introductory set that is 10 (?) discs and was extremely helpful for basic Creole. These kids would probably prefer to speak Creole over French, given most of the kids I have come in contact with in Haiti.
    Google it on Amazon. The CD’s were even good for our kids to learn some Creole!
    Congrats on the I171H! Ours is hopefully coming any day now. We just sold our house and are now looking for one in our neighborhood that is a little bigger for our family of 8.
    Blessings to you all!

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