Adoption update

Waiting.  We are still waiting to hear from the orphanage…but our family coordinator from America World said this is normal.  Prayerfully, this week!  
We continue to be humbled by the outpouring of support.  It means so much..especially in knowing how much these boys are loved and prayed for before they are even home!  

Financial update praises:

Donations to America World: $2006.
Donations in cash/check: $2608.
Donations to you caring:$6591.
total donations: $11,205.
Plus, good news for our refinance:  $20,000 cash, plus lower monthly payments so we can feed the boys once they are home!
This coupled with some more of our own funds, about 6,000….gets us through the first financial hurdle…we can pay the first payments and travel to meet the boys…we do not know when until we are finally approved and send our dossier, which is waiting on our I-600, which will take 6-12 weeks, hopefully only 6!  

Once we have a travel date we will spend 2 weeks with the boys.  Ally and Ella will come with us.  Please pray for us as we have never been gone this long from our other children, with the obvious exception of Luke! 

Please pray for:
  1.  The approval to come back soon.
  2.  Abba fund loan
  3.  Show Hope grant
  4.  Final funding
  5.  Prepare our hearts and the boys’ hearts for this transition
Again, thank you so much for taking this journey with us.  Special thanks to Sammy Adebyi for posting our story on his blog:

Many Blessings, The Schaffner Family


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