Thank you

Thank you to all of you who have shared this post via your facebook, email, etc..Right now we know we’ve raised about $571.00 through the America World program and about $177. through the You sharing sight.  We added the you sharing sight as some people found this an easier way to give.  We realize some do not understand this journey we are taking and that is ok.  Our God can provide.  He is faithful.  Kaiti designed the new ELEVEN CAMPAIGN logo you see on the side!  If it weren’t for my children I think I would have already given up hope.  

One day this week I said my thoughts out loud, like this is too hard.  Josh said, “mom, are we not going to do this?”  I said, “no Josh, it is just hard.”  Josh said, “Do you think it was hard for Jesus to die on the cross?”  

And then a blog I follow encouraged me so much, you should visit Sammy’s blog.  Luke attends his SOMA ministry at UT.  This is  the blog that encouraged me so much:

You can click on the ELEVEN CAMPAIGN at the left to give eleven dollars towards bringing our sons home.

Blessings, Michelle 


2 thoughts on “Thank you

    • Eric,
      Right now most people have been giving through our You caring website, but you can also give through America World, which is tax deductible and 100% of that goes to us for our adoption costs. Some people have been writing us checks or giving us cash. If you go to the post “eleven campaign” on our blog it has links for both of these. Thank you for prayerfully considering giving. Blessings, Ron and Michelle Schaffner

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