Abi’s poem

For English class Abi had to write a poem that followed the pattern of “I hear America_______ing”

Here is her poem:  

“I Hear America Whining”

Today I hear America whining

About first world problems in their country.

There’s something wrong with their fine dining,

While around the world people go hungry.

Americans have their own little issues,

Like if their housemaid wants to take a day off,

When the Kleenex box runs out of tissues,

Or their team does not make the playoffs.

When the IOS 7 download takes too long,

Or if they don’t have enough chips for their dip,

When Pandora’s skips run out and it’s a dumb song,

Or they open more chips and now lack enough dip.

The world has bigger problems to be solved,

Than your Starbuck’s order with too much cream,

Instead let’s help those in real need and get involved,

                                                              And realize our “problems” aren’t what they may seem


8 thoughts on “Abi’s poem

  1. rowenusmc says:

    Good to see abi’s perspective is so responsible.   Blessings.

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note® II, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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