Glue Gun + Fridge Handle = Adoption

Glue Gun + Fridge Handle = Adoption

Sometimes we have to be creative…Ally went to get her sipper cup of milk and ended up with the fridge handle in her hand! This is what I love about Jesus! He has SO changed my affections for the things of this world…to the things of the next world! I DON’T CARE if I don’t have a cool fridge. My fridge keeps my food cold. That is all I need. The money saved can be used to adopt an orphan! Thank you, Jesus, for changing my heart. You are amazing and so very graceful to me.


One thought on “Glue Gun + Fridge Handle = Adoption

  1. sally and russ says:

    Remember the saying – don’t cry over spilt milk? Sometimes it takes something like this to put perspective on life! Our girls use to fear being scolded if something like this would happen but I learned early – it is a thing and that we would learn from whatever happened.

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