Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Well, the following quotes probably sum it up.  The quotes below are ones I found on another’s adoption blog while Ella finally fell asleep last night at 1 pm. 

God often waits until conditions appear impossible in order to remind us that nothing is impossible for Him- Dr. Tj Betts

God brings us to a place where we can only exist in and through Him. Where each hour of each day we must seek Him to continue to press on. Somehow I think that this must be how God desires for our entire lives to be. Not that he wants us to experience constant hardships, but rather that no matter what we are experiencing, valleys or mountain tops, we experience it with Him as the Lord of our lives.

It seems the days have been so very full and honestly in many ways so very hard.  Ron and I feel like we keep trying to come up for air, to just get enough to go on.  Yet, then to feel so hard pressed in so many different arenas, to know that the ONLY way we can go on to the next moment of our day is to yield to Him, to allow the Holy Spirit to guide.  I really don’t have the time to elaborate on all the many ways the Lord has been moving or to explain all the circumstances that have been going on in our lives……except to know that He is teaching us to be MORE than conquerors! 

Adoption news:  for the most part it is still a lot of waiting.  Due to new regulations from NCIS, our wait time is expected to be 30-36 months from our DTE(DOSSIER TO ETHIOPIA) Date which is for us: 12/21/2012.  That is when we will get a referral, which means they will send us a photo and information with a child.  If we accept that child we would then travel to Ethiopia for our court date and to meet our child or prayerfully children as we are praying for siblings.  But from our referral date they are expecting it to now be 8-10 months till we would actually bring them home.  So for all practical purposes we are looking at possible summer or fall of 2016?  With wait times continuing to increase it could be longer.  The positives on this are that we have more time to try to save the funds to pay for this.  It also gives me more time with Ella Joy before bringing her brother/s into our life.  Yet, it seems so far away…..we pray for you little guy/s…..we will come to you….we will not leave you as orphans. 

love, Michelle   



One thought on “Where have I been?

  1. Always in God’s timing. You know that whatever you need, though we are not real close geographically, you just call. i’ll be there in as short as 2 hours! 🙂

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