Ally’s Hair

The Lord continues to teach me spiritual lessons in my daily life as a mom.  Today’s lesson comes straight from the hands of Ally Grace.  Perhaps she was observing Kaiti as she trimmed my hair, Anna’s hair and her own hair.  Perhaps it was my mistake in allowing her to “trim” her stuffed puppy’s fur.  I think my children know when I am under stress and a time constraint, and know the perfect time to ask a question like, “can I have a cookie?, And I say sure, then say, wait, it is 8 am!  Can I watch tv?  Sure, wait, you already watched tv today.  Well, yesterday morning with scissors in hand Ally said “can I trim my puppy’s fur?”  Thinking it would be a nice time killer while I tried to get the kitchen cleaned up, I said, sure.  Fast forward to the evening, Josh and Anna were with Ron, Abi was at the football game, Kaiti was getting stuff ready for school, Ella was napping in bed for once,  I was finishing up supper, a real meal to put in the oven and bake,  and in walks Ally.  I did a double take as I realized she had “trimmed” her own hair.  I said,” Allyson Grace, did you cut your hair?”  No, mom, I did not cut my hair.  She emphatically repeated that several times.  So, then I took a different tact and said, show me the scissors you used to cut your hair.  She walked straight into my bedroom and showed me the scissors and let me know she put her hair in the garbage, just like I taught her!   Any of you that know Ally well know that getting hair on her head has not been an easy process!  I was just finding cute little braids and things I could do in it….and now she looks just like a little girl who cut her hair!  And there is not a lot of hiding this fact! ( Kaiti said if we use a cloth headband we may be able to hide it.)

    And I remembered what is the first thing Adam and Eve did after they sinned?  they hid from God and tried to pretend all was well.  We didn’t do anything!  When of course it was obvious to God that they did, just as Ally’s hair was obviously cut!   I am not exactly sure how she thought I would not notice, perhaps much the same as Adam and Eve thought the God of the universe would not notice them crouching behind a bush with fig leaves on!

  In my Bible reading today this verse jumped out at me: 

Psalm 143: 1-2

“O Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief.  Do not bring your servant into judgment, for no one living is righteous before you.”

 Wow, no one living is righteous before you.   To recognize the lostness of mankind, the lostness of my very soul without the shed blood of Christ…but then also recognizing that this mercy and grace in our lives demands obedience to His commands.  This obedience only being possible by His Spirit working in our hearts, nothing we can manufacture on our own.

Thank you today Jesus, for coming to save my soul.  Thank you for loving me and dying a painful death on the cross for me.  Thank you that when I sin and hide, you already know and come to lovingly correct me and redirect my path in your commands.  Lord, show me my sin, however painful it is.  Help us each to not live in denial to the sin in our lives, both sins of commission and ones of omission.   This could possibly be the hardest part, Ally said she likes her new hairstyle!  GREAT!  So, yet another analogy, “Do we like our sin?”

Blessings, Michelle

P.S.  The picture does not show how very short the underneath part it! Image




10 thoughts on “Ally’s Hair

  1. sally and russ says:

    Our youngest daughter cut her own hair when she was about the same age. It did grow back more beautiful then before! You have to keep loving her!

  2. Grandma says:

    Michelle- I think every child does this at least once. Jason did it at his desk
    the day of school pictures!! She looks so innocent!! Love, MOM

  3. Doesn’t look too shabby. So far all but LuLu have cut their hair. Rowen used electric clippers right in the front. But I get it. That baby was bald. UGH!

  4. ruby1942 says:

    Well, you… make that Ally Grace made me smile when I read this! What a treasure she is. I love the look on her face in the picture.

    I have to tell you that* for no one living is righteous before you *had jumped out at me this week too as I read Pastor John’s assignment for the week! Interesting that we both caught that.

    By the way…..did your husband tell you we passed him on the highway to OHIO yesterday???? We only passed because we were pretty sure it was him

  5. don says:

    Oh did I love that story and picture! How can you stay angry at that face? What parent has not faced a situation like that?

    Thank you for sharing that. I am struggling mightily with not being in school, especially now that the students will be there. Your story brought me to appreciate what we do have in our lives, rather focusing on what we are missing. God has blessed you with Ella and Allyson’s stay at home as your other children have moved on. Please share my best wishes to Abi, Kaiti, Josh and Anna as they start the new year. God is good!

  6. She is so precious and I hope I can remain as wise, calm and level headed as you did when discovering her little “trim” job whenever Iris decides to do the same. ;D Looking forward to whenever we can spend time together and I can get to know this darling up close! ❤

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