Sweet Sorrow

Yesterday we took Luke to the University of Toledo.  When will the ache go away?  My mind keeps flooding with memories.  It is not that he is far away and we won’t get to see him, it is just the reality that one phase of life is over.  It is like sweet sorrow.  Such thankfulness for the blessing of him in our lives, such gratitude for the privilege of raising him, and sadness for the days that are done.  Yet, such great joy as  he is ready to soar…and this makes it all worth it.  The emotions draw me ever closer to the Lord and make me so thankful that the Lord never changes.Image It definitely makes me want to be sure that each day is given completely to Him and not trusting in my own wisdom.  Especially as I realize how fast the time flies!

We are so very proud of Luke.  He has earned his first year of college through scholarships he has worked so hard for.  He searched and searched until he found a roommate that he felt matched up well.  You can go online and find one that seems like it would be a good fit.  This spring, Luke found one whose description said “Christian and I love the Lord.”  So, yesterday we got to meet Jonathan and his family.  At the end Jonathan’s dad said, “let’s pray.” He proceeded to pray and I felt so thankful to the Lord for providing this roommate for Luke.  Luke is ready to go, I know I must let go, but it is not easy.  In fact, emotionally it is much harder than I thought.  I am so thankful for modern technology and the ability to email him, Skype, and talk on the phone.   I was thinking how very hard it must be for parents who have children who go to be with the Lord.  But do we not love to prevent the hurt?  Of course not!    

The Lord loans us His children  for a time and entrusts them to us….to train to be His hands and His feet, arrows in our quiver to shoot out and touch others with the Love of Christ.  Here is a photo of Luke and Ally from our recent family photo shoot in some random field.  In some ways it accurately depicts Luke’s hand in ours yet, he is no longer seen.  He is in our heart and in our prayers while away.

  “Dear Lord, please strengthen Luke to follow You.”

  Please pray for Joshua as this is pretty hard on him.  Luke has been a light in our family and has been such an amazing big brother to Joshua.



PS>. Luke said he wants to get mail, so if you would like to send him any snail mail here is his address:

Luke Schaffner
Academic House, Room 4014
1760 West Rocket Drive
Toledo, OH 43606


8 thoughts on “Sweet Sorrow

  1. sally and russ says:

    You have done what the Lord wants. You have trained up your child in the way he should go. He will make his choices on how he has grown. Just continue with love and trust!

  2. Julie says:

    Most definitely praying for you guys. A new first step for our big family unit and not one I’m looking forward to in the future!

  3. don says:

    I have thought of all of you often. Having Luke gone is a loss for each of you and can be handled that way by each of you in your own way. Be comforted by the knowledge that he is still close and that God is with him always. I love the picture of he and Allyson. My youngest sister was six when I went away to college and that picture brought back memories.

    Ella looked beautiful in her dress at church yesterday.

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers as the school year begins. Know that though I am not there physically, I am still with you, and you with me.


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