Things are going well with the pregnancy. A name has finally been chosen: Ella Joy. Finally everyone could agree! I am getting big faster than I would like, but overall can’t complain. It is so exciting to feel her moving around! Thank you each for your prayers.
Adoption process is currently in what they call the “waiting stage”. The wait time continues to increase on average. Part of this is due to America World being committed to the paperwork aspect of the adoption being correct. They sometimes have to trace orphans that could have been left on an orphanage’s doorstep to make sure there are no family that would take the child etc…
I know I need to complete my chapters on “Why do you have/want so many kids”, just have been pretty busy. This time of year is busy anyway, but especially so with Luke graduating.
That having been said, as a family we have begun a new project. In reading the book, The Hole in the Gospel, we wanted to DO something. We have begun a fundraiser for a drilled well in South Sudan through Samaritan’s purse. If you want to find out more you can go to:
You can also go right to Samaritan’s Purse to find out more detailed information about what they are doing:
Feel free to share this on your own facebook pages, with your friends, family and churches. In some ways it seems too BIG, yet the Lord has laid this on our hearts. Every day we take for granted having clean, fresh water. More of our vision re; this can be found on the first giving page.
Blessings, Michelle


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