Our First Fundraiser

     I am so excited about our first fundraiser for bringing home baby Schaffner and possibly a sibling from Ethiopia!  While we are prepared to pay for all the costs of the adoption ourselves and can utilize 0% interest loans, home equity lines, tax returns, and are praying for some grants to come through, we also have been encouraged to try to raise some support.  This does two things:  One, it allows others to feel that they can help in some tangible way. Second,it allows us to see that God is doing all this, not ourselves.”For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” Philippians 2:13, NLT. The fundraiser we are starting is part of Show Hope, an organization who tries to encourage adopting families who feel discouraged by the seemingly insurmountable costs of adoption.  It is called “Adoption bug”.  They allow you to set up your own store at no cost to you.  You select 6 t-shirt designs and then people can visit your online store to purchase a shirt.  We get about $8 for every shirt purchased.  The shirts are inspirational and fun.  I think it is a neat way to show your support by both helping finance an adoption and also “advertising” adoption by wearing the shirt. The shirt that says faith, hope and love, also says those same words in Aramaic, the main language of Ethiopia.  You will notice the advertisements on the side of this blog page which if you click on them will take you right to “our store.” Please note that in order to support us you would have to select one of the shirts from our store page, not the adoption bug store in general.

Blessings, The Schaffner Family


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