A variety of topics

Going to the doctor on Wednesday and praying all is well and the Dr. can tell boy or girl.  Anna has decided she does NOT want to be in the top of a bunk bed and so we are going to put her and Ally in a double bed.  If anyone has a double box spring and mattress they do not need or see a good deal on one let us know.   Everyone but Kaiti got sick and we have all been trying to recover.  Thankfully we had “mid-winter break” to get better.  Ron and I seemed to get hit the hardest, perhaps because we haven’t had flu shot every year like the kids?  Who knows?  I am just so thankful to be able to breathe through my nose and not have a sinus headache. 

During our weekend one of the movies we watched was “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.”  Wow, it was so good!  Maybe it is just because we are adopting, but the whole idea of it was just amazing.  I don’t want to ruin it for you in case you haven’t seen it…but in my opinion it is worth the viewing.

 Also, if you ever can’t make church due to illness, we really like watching Bob Coy, from Calvary Chapel, Fort Lauderdale.  He is not a “televangelist” and you can watch it anytime from your computer or laptop.  I often will watch a message when Ally is napping and I have several loads of laundry to fold.  He is quite funny, but walks in the Spirit.  You will definitely be blessed, encouraged and challenged.

Haven’t got back to the Problem of Pain book lately, but have realized how much the Lord uses trials in our life…even this recent time of sickness…somehow purifies everything.  You realize how much you take your good health for granted for one.  You realize how dependent you are on God and His care.  You feel less inclined to complain about the “normal” days.  I had to admit it that we actually need these trials and of course are promised them in James 1.   

The kids have made a computer file saving all of Ally’s funny sayings.  For example, one day on the way home from church, I said, “Ally, sing a song for me.”  She said, “Mom, I can’t, it would be a disaster.”  She said yesterday when we were cutting oranges, “I don’t like oranges, they are too orangey.”  Well, she keeps us entertained anyway. 

Today Josh marked out basketball 3 point lines and free throw lines on our dining room floor with paint tape.  The kind you use to mark off things when you paint?  He has his court ready for his basketball Hoopsters party on Friday.   Anna and I went through her clothes today and put them in the new dresser given to us from a family at our church.  She was so excited! 

I tried some new recipes tonight…and am now ready to sit down for a bit.

Pray you are each doing well.  Don’t forget how very much the Lord loves you!

Love, Michelle


2 thoughts on “A variety of topics

  1. It sounds like Anna and Rudy would be fun to listen to if they ever got into a conversation!

    Praying for a great doctor report for you!

    Thank you for the review about the movie, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought about it by the tv reviews. I’ll get it now!

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