Huge Praises Today!

We received word today from the Abba Fund that we have been accepted to receive a 0% interest loan to help with the costs of the adoption.  This organization comes in at the end of your adoption after you have raised money, saved money, scrimped and saved some more and still come short of the needed finances to pay for your adoption.  This is a huge blessing and offers us peace of mind knowing that we have another option for the financing of this awesome opportunity.  This fund was started by a man who was just short of funds to go get his son from Russia.  After this experience he decided to start this non-profit organization to help people who feel called to adopt but are sometimes overwhelmed by the huge costs involved.  Whenever funds are payed back they go right to another family who wants to adopt.  To learn more visit www. Abba 

Thank you as I know many of you have been praying for us regarding this! 

It was so amazing as I am reading in 1 Kings right now.  I was reading the story of Elijah in chapter 17.  It talks of how the Lord told Elijah to go hide in the Kerith Ravine, where he would drink from the brook and God would order the ravens to feed him.  So, did Elijah question God on how he would do this?  But, where will the ravens get bread from?  No, verse 5 says “So he did what the Lord told him.”  I underlined it.  If God speaks to you, obey.  Then, the very next section of that chapter was about the Widow at Zarephath.  He asked the widow to bring him some water and a piece of bread.  She said basically, I have enough for my son and I to eat one more meal and we will die!  But, Elijah told her not to be afraid, to go make the cake of bread and then make something for you and your son.  The Lord says that your jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord gives rain on the land.  WOW!  Do we live our lives of faith like this?  Do we really trust that the Lord will provide our needs?   What a challenge to our faith!  I was so encouraged by this yesterday…and now feel like He has assured us that our flour and oil will not be used up.

Blessings, Michelle


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